Today's Date in Maori: Rahoroi, 24 o Poutu te Rangi i te tau 2018 te ra

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Introduction To Whakapapa

Whakapapa starts at the dawn of time and weaves it’s way throughout the centuries and generations. Whakapapa is continuous and eternal, coming from the past, appearing in the present and disappearing into the future. Whakapapa binds us together ...

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Whakapapa Relationships

Through whakapapa, relationships are established in line with Maori rules. Whanau today translates as family, and is often refered to in Pakeha as extended family, but the whanau is more wider than the extended family. Whanau encompasses not only you ...

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Maori Naming Conventions

When searching for whakapapa you need to be aware that there are three different types of Maori naming conventions, depending on the year the person was born. You need to understand this to be able to find people who could be known by alot of differe ...

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Where To Start

Within whanau (families) there will be the people who hold the whakapapa, who nurture and cherish the whakapapa and who have the korero (stories) that go with the whakapapa. These people will not nece ...

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How Lists Work

Lists are an important tool when researching whakapapa. Many genealogists keep a track of where they find information when they are doing research and these turn into lists, that are often shared arou ...

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Marriages 1913

This list is to be used in conjunction with the microfiche Marriages Indexes published by the New Ze ...

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