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Whakapapa Club Forum

Finding Whanau (Family)

Finding Whanau (Family)

Looking for long lost relations, that cousin you knew when you were young, then this is the place to post here


Iwi, Hapu and Marae

Iwi, Hapu and Marae Questions about Iwi, hapu and marae


Whakapapa - General Questions

Post general whakapapa questions here and panui for the Whakapapa Club . If you are looking for whanau post in the other forums.


Whakapapa Club News
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Whakapapa Club Korero

Post here is you have suggestions or questions about the Whakapapa Club.

Topics: 11  |  Posts: 30

Varcoes New Zealand Marriage I...

Whakapapa Club

Site News

The forum for site news

Topics: 9  |  Posts: 39

Importing Forum Archives 16 Ja...


How To Use The Forums

If you are not sure how to do things in the forums, post here 🙂

Topics: 5  |  Posts: 26

Why do some posts have a REMOV...

Whakapapa Club

Whanau Events
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Tangihanga (Funeral) Notices

He wahi tenei ki te poroporoaki i a ratou, kua wheturangitia i te korowai o Ranginui. A place to advise of tangihanga and to say farewell.

Topics: 7  |  Posts: 17

COFFEY:William Matthew


Hura Kohatu (Unveiling) Notices

Post information regarding your whanau hura kohatu

Topics: 8  |  Posts: 10

SMITH, Thomas / Tom / Tame: Un...


Whanau (Family) Reunions

Post details of your whanau reunions here

Topics: 14  |  Posts: 22

A whanau reunion


Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings

Post here any birthdays, anniversaries weddings etc that your whanau is having.

Topics: 3  |  Posts: 3

Share your wedding stories


Whakapapa Club Forum 2004 - 2008 Archives
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Finding Whanau (Family) (OWC)

The Whakapapa Club Forum for Finding Whanau 2004 - 2008

Topics: 0  |  Posts: 4

GRACE, Aroha aka Peggy


Tracing Tupuna (Ancestors) (OWC)

The old Whakapapa Club Forum for Tracing Tupuna 2004 - 2008

Topics: 924  |  Posts: 4,400

TAUNOA, Te Ngaore


Whanau (Family) Reunions (OWC)

The Whakapapa Club Forum for Whanau Reunionsa 2004 - 2008

Topics: 97  |  Posts: 254


Nani OWC

Tangihanga (Funeral) Notices (OWC)

The Whakapapa Club Forum for Tangihanga Notices 2004 - 2008

Topics: 128  |  Posts: 269

Devitt, Philip Nathan (Te Whan...

tamienrose OWC

Hura Kohatu (Unveiling) Notices OWC

The Whakapapa Club Forum for Hura Kohatu (Unveiling Notices) 2004 - 2008

Topics: 65  |  Posts: 105

Ngawaka Minnie nee Dunn

paula lunjevich

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings (OWC)

The Whakapapa Club Forum for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings 2004 - 2008

Topics: 49  |  Posts: 73

BRISTOWE,Robert 60th Birthday

karikari OWC

Iwi, Hapu and Marae (OWC)

The Whakapapa Club Forum for Iwi, Hapu and Marae 2004 - 2008

Topics: 0  |  Posts: 2,172

trying to find birth mother


Whakapapa General Questions (OWC)

The Whakapapa Club Forum for Whakapapa General Questions 2004 - 2008

Topics: 250  |  Posts: 2,536

NGATAI, Heneri. Trying to fill...

raromania OWC

Original Forums 2000 - 2004
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Searching for Whanau (OF)

The original forums for searching for whanau 2000 - 2004

Topics: 287  |  Posts: 546



Tracing Tupuna (Ancestors) OF

The Original Forums for Tracing Tupuna (Ancestors) - 2000 - 2004

Topics: 242  |  Posts: 448


moynihan8 OF

Family Reunions (OF)

The originl forum for Family Reunions, 2000 - 2004

Topics: 24  |  Posts: 36

September Family

m.kennedy OF


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