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Te Hapua News - related to SYLVA Elefon and Raiha. Their grandaughter Mona turns 96 on 12/11/2004  

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New Message on Ngati Kuri - Tehapua - Northland NZ links

Sylva's from Te Hapua our oldest Kuia will turn 96 on 12 November 2004

All relatives of Raiha Te Mahia and Elefon Sylva
(Portuguese citizen) married in Mangonui Northland in 1866,
our grand dame (kuia) of the family, their grandaughter
Mona McGlenaghan
will turn 96
on 12 November 2004.

Raiha and Elelfon had three children Meri Ngaroto, Isaac(Mehaka)and Priscilla.

Mona McGlenaghan is the granddaughter of Raiha and Elefon and daughter of Meri Ngaroto (nee Sylva) and Sidney Lewis. There were also two other children Harry and Priscilla. Harry did not marry or have issue. Priscilla married William Sheriff and had one daughter, but she died without marrying.

Mona McGlenaghan (nee Lewis) deserves as many congratulatory cards as we can all manage. She is home cared and I would suggest you include in your card a brief explanation of which of Isaac Sylva and Hannah Paneere's children you hail from.

I am the daughter of Rita (nee Sylva) and Roy Leoni.
My mother Rita (Marguerite) is the second born of Joseph and Martha (nee Henare) Sylva.

Joseph is the first born son of Isaac and Hannah (nee Paneere) Sylva.

They had 12 children Joseph (Ho), Ellephon Darcy, Robbie, Ani, Rauna, William (Wi), Basil (Pahira), Lucy (Lusitania), Percy (Wiki), Kate, and Mehaka (Isaac).

None are living today.

Joseph Sylva was born on 9 November 1908 so if he would be living he would be the same agae as his cousin Mona + three days.

Joseph and Martha Sylva had 12 children Priscilla, Marguerite (Rita), Doris (Puti), Elizabeth (Rihi), Mehaka (Isaac), Ngaio, Sidney, Sophie, Meri, Tom, Mona and Desmond.

Joseph and Martha and their children Doris, Sidney, and Sophie have passed on.

Mrs Mona McGlenaghan still resides at home being cared for by a son and is too weak to receive guests most of the time.

If you can send a little card with your return address, this would mean a great deal and create a link for all the Sylva families and their offspring.

Mona remembers the grandfather Elefon and spent time with him and his second wife when they lived in Howick before he died when she was about 12 years old.

She remembers him as a gentle loving man, very quiet and peaceful. His second wife was rather a staunch religious woman and this was also her second marriage.

Raiha the first wife died in childbirth and we have yet to find some history of this our first Maori bloodline mixing with European. Elefon was 60 when he remarried, yet he was only 32 when his first wife Raiha died.

Mrs Mona McGlenaghan
1 Stanmore Road
Auckland NZ.

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Posted : 27 October, 2004 11:45 am
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

Hello again whanau,

I have spoken further with my Mum and we are now appealing to all persons of goodwill interested in supporting the making of a memoir for Kuia Mona, in the form of any photos and written transcripts that relate to her and our whanau.

If you are interested in contributing you can 'laster copy' your photos of your ancestors and one of your family (mother,father and siblings and then your immediate family etc). This would be much appreciated. Laser prints at a photocopy centre cost approximately $1.50 - $2.00 an A4 page.

If you can do this then your photos and transcrpts - letters/family history etc are safe with you and the copy can be made into a bound book.

Depending on input any that have contributed may want to have a personal copy themselves which I am happy to organise if you can help with the cost and postage.

We have approximately 12 days to get this organised and you can help make this good idea a reality.

If you do not have photos/transcripts yourselves but know of someone who may do, please forward this info to them.

Rozita Leoni
169 Carrington Road
Mt Albert
09 8460245
021 460245

Posted : 29 October, 2004 8:28 am
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

Thank you to whanau who have responded and those that have contributed to Nana Mona's memoir book. This includes Jimmy Rafferty son of Bill Rawhiti, George Epere son of Doris (Sylva) and Sonny Epere, Mehaka Sylva son of Martha (Henare) and Joseph Sylva, Ngaio Wilson daughter of Martha and Joe, Ihaka Sylva son of Rauna Sylva, Mei (Sylva) Cowan daughter of Basil Sylva, Wayne Petera and Polly Henry (daughter of Ted (Sylva) Henry. There are some pages free whanau and we have two days to go. The more we share the more we strengthen our bonds.

Naau te rourou, naaku te rourou ka ora te manwhiri
(With your basket and my food basket the guests will have enough - may each contribute).

Posted : 09 November, 2004 4:13 pm
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
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Our Kuia Mona has made 97 on 9 November 2005.

She has been very poorly of late after a fall out of bed.

She has paralysis of the right side since a stroke in 1970's. However she was in hospital only a short before returning back to her home of the last 70 years.

Nana Mona you are our strength and our might and I would be proud to see the world through your eyes and the many memories you are happy to share.

Te hei Mauriora

Posted : 05 February, 2006 10:36 am
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
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Apologies Nana Mona was 97 on 12 November 2005.

Her cousin Joseph Sylva (our bloodline) would have been 97 on 9 Nov 2005 if he had not passed away 15 Oct 1973.

Posted : 05 February, 2006 10:39 am