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Aboriginal Australian Seeking Clarification on Maroi Ancestry  

Marley OWC
New Member


I am an Aboriginal Australian from the Sth Coast of NSW. I am interested in researching my geneology. I am aware of my Aboriginal family and who they are, but have been informed that our family also has ties to New Zealand - the Maori people in particular.

I have also been advised by my uncles that our connections are with the South Island - this is on my Grandfathers side, I have only two names, Longbottom (which is my Grandfather's name - from what I understand is a white name from England) and Amatto (I'm not sure where or who and I don't have a first name).

I would really like to see if I can trace back my heritage and see where my family ties are. I have fair skin and people often think I am Maori Woman rather than Aboriginal.

I have also been doing research however have become stuck in trying to research this further. The Maori people came to Australia I think as Whalers and relocated to the South Coast. The reserve that I come from was known as Roseby Park where it was documented that Aboriginal and Maori People intermarried (this reserve was established in 1902)and where I believe my ties with Maori exists.

This is all that I have to go by and would really like to know how I can trace this part of our family history.

Any pointers or information would be greatly appreciated!!!


Posted : 01 June, 2007 7:15 pm
Eminent Member

Hello Marley,
what an interesting lineage you came from. Good luck in your search, heres hoping someone may know something.
I had a quick look in NZ Archives and found no trace under the name Amatto. The Longbottom name produced 3 pgs and of the old correspondence appears to be related to North Island destinations
there was a Longbottom in Hamilton West ( Nrth Is)
Archives have correspondence from him for 3 Aug to sept 1875 relating to roads, timber and bush issues.
1896-1910 Longbottom, Alfred was applying for a land claim under the Waikato Militia ( same area as above)

A David Longbottom Hannam was in Whangarei 1896
( top North Is)
there were also Barnard and Carter Longbottom who died between 1887-1889

WWI saw an Ernest King Longbottom going to war in 1914 from Dunedin ( South Island)

I mention these names in the hope it may ring bells for one of the other Forum members.
Shall meanwhile send you a pm with a few NZ search engines including the archive one, which may or may not prove helpful

good luck with your search

Regards Joy

Posted : 01 June, 2007 8:33 pm
Active Member


Your story is fascinating and I wish you all the best in your search.

I had a little look at the familysearch website, for the name longbottom in newzealand, the results were mostly in the north island/auckland area bar one arthur longbottom in otago.

The results for amatto were nearly all italian.

in case a spelling variation had occured over time , as happens, I tried amato, which turned up at lot of names in the pacific islands, mostly tonga, and a couple for new zealand.

I wonder how much more info you can turn up from your end. Eg. the full names of the people in your whanau named Amatto and Longbottom, the names of the whaling boats they came over on, maybe birth death or marriage info, from the settlement roseby park. Any records of maori names ? that would be a big help to you.

I have come across Stories of ngai tahu ( south island maori ) relocating to australia never to return or be heard of again ,including two within my own family ( one as a whaler), and know that travel to australia for trade was not uncommon during colonisation.

it saddens me that their stories have been lost, so i hope that you find a way to reconnect your whakapapa to aotearoa, and maybe illuminate some of the gaps in our family trees along the way.


Posted : 02 June, 2007 1:34 pm
Nani OWC
Eminent Member

try also www.ngaitahu.co.nz

Posted : 02 June, 2007 6:04 pm