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ARAMAKUTU Haratea Tunuiarangi Help with my whakapapa  

LydiaNewth OWC
New Member

I am researching whakapapa for my whanau and I and would appreciate any info on my late grandfather who was Haratea Tunuiarangi Aramakutu. He was also known as Tu or Paekau Aramakutu. He was my mothers father and was born in 1905, Te whanau A Apanui Nō Te Araroa and he fought in the Battle of El Alamein where he was killed in action in 1942. I am also researching whakapapa on my mums mothers side. Ko Rahera Paringatai tona ingoa Nō Horoera Te Araroa. My grandmother died giving birth to my mum and mum was whangai I understand by her untie Riria Hotai who I am named after only given the pakeha name Lydia. Anyone who can help me with info this would be better than winning lotto.

Posted : 22 May, 2006 9:35 pm
constance OWC
Active Member

Hi there. I suppose this has nothing to do with your posting but I was told I had a half brother whose name is Tumoana Aramakutu. I have been looking for him ever since I found out. Any help on this would be appreciated.....I knew a Rangi Hotai whos grandparents were Parangatai from Te Araroa. Hope this helps. My email is constance.green@xtra.co.nz. Connie Green(nee Williams)

Posted : 06 September, 2006 9:58 pm
Eminent Member

Kia ora Lydia, Have you tried taking a quick look at Family search.org? There are a few Aramakutu tipuna in there, including a Rahera Aramakutu who married a Cyril Newth, my whanau from those ways and one of my nanny aunties married a Aramakutu many years ago, her line and marriage is in there as well. Kia ora, good luck too.

peaceful regard

Posted : 07 September, 2006 11:42 pm
Active Member

Kia ora Lydia, I visited Tekaha last March and was introduced to an elder there. He helped alot with my whakapapa research, as my mother's whanau lived there - (POATA). My great uncle Porourangi POATA also fought in the battle of El Alamein. Maybe you can try him too. His name is Tony Chadwick and his email address is chado@xtra.co.nz
He is a very knowledgeable man.
I hope this helps.
Leah Williams

Posted : 15 October, 2006 4:42 pm