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Looking to find relatives of my late grandmother Thelma Norton(nee Black)originally from Opotiki.She was raised by Billy (& Te Kaui?) Black with her sister June Collier and cousin Morks Edwardson at Waiaua.Billy(aka William Black/Wiremu Paraki-b.1876,Ohiwa d.1966,Opotiki)was the eldest of ten children of Robert Black and Mokeke Nikorima.He married Titihuia Haruru Mihaere in 1900,and after she died,married her sister Te Kaui Mihaere.There were four children,Thomas,Margaret(Edwardson),Mary(Duke)and Harriet.The first three are the issue of Titihuia,unsure who is Harriets mother.
The other children of Robert and Mokeke are as follows:
Erina Black= Crewther(resided in Auckland)
Richard Alexander Black(Dick)=Ihipera Materoa Manuel(resided in Waiotahi)
John Eru Black(Jack)=Ngapera Taahu (resided in Ruatoki)
Mary Black=Stewart Parkinson(resided in Opotiki)
Andrew James Tuamutu Black(Jim)=Meka Herewini(resided in Nukuhou)
Boris Te Para Black=Eva Edwards(resided in Waioeka)
Robert Heremia Black(Bob)=Alice (resided in Opotiki)
Janie Black(was living in Australia in 1962)
Nuki Black(Daisy)died aged 13-buried in Opotiki.

Looking for additional information to help complete whakapapa.
Would very much appreciate anyones help.

Posted : 22 June, 2007 5:43 pm
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