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BROTT whanau: relations of George BROTT  

cliffb@xtra.co.nz OWC
New Member

Hi i'm looking for relations of George Brott. He was my GreatGrandfather. His 1st wife, was Maraea Haora? I have been told she passed away in childbirth with their 3rd child. He later remarried and had more children one of which was my Granddad. If you know the whereabouts or have information on the children he had with his 1st wife Maraea i would be very grateful. email cliffb@xtra.co.nz

Posted : 26 January, 2005 3:44 pm
Trusted Member

Kia ora cliffb@xtra.co.nz,

If you go to http://www.familysearch.org and search for the surname Haora and set the country to New Zealand you will find there are quite a few of the Haora whanau! You may be able to find the information you are looking for by checking the ones that are around the area that your GreatGrandfather lived.

Note, not all the information in this site is accurate, but it is a good place to start.

Another option would be the Maori Land Court (MLC) records for the succession orders when she died as in them there should be recorded her children as the successors. The records will also name the trustee who will be a relation - that could be another avenue for you to persue.

Good luck and let us know how you get on

Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!

Posted : 06 February, 2005 12:22 am
Active Member

Kia ora , I have the children of George and Maria as Rita (olive), Maria, and Adam. Adam's spouse was Alice Curtis.

Posted : 01 April, 2005 5:15 am
Tanya Brott OWC
Active Member

Tena Koe Andrea

That would be my branch. My grandfather was Adam Brott, his sisters were Olive and Maria Brott. My grandfather married Alice Newman, my father George is their eldest child. Please feel free to contact me!


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Posted : 20 April, 2005 8:40 pm
seadog OWC
New Member

Kia ora my great grandfathers name was George Brott, his daughter Matilda (matire, tiria) was my grandmother

Posted : 10 May, 2005 10:12 pm
ahubbard OWC
Active Member

Tena koutou katoa.ko adrian hubbard toku ingoa.george brott is my great great grandfather.his daughter emma,married harry walter hubbard,of whom are my great grandparents.i am looking for information about my whakapapa.looking at finding out what my waka,maunga,iwi,moana,etc are.it is my understanding that we are from ngati pukenga desent,and our marae is whetu o te rangi but am not sure.if any one can help me with my journey in regards to knowledge,or knowing who i can contact,i would be very greatful.
kia ora

Posted : 16 May, 2005 10:41 pm
Imagine OWC
New Member

Kia Ora Whanau,

My name is June Clewett (nee Pitman).

George Brott was my great grandfather. According to my mother, he was an Englishman. She didn't get to see them very often, but recalled that her mother's parents were quite imposing. My great grandmother was Kawhina Te Moananui of Ngati Pukenga. They had several children including my Grandmother Tiria or Matilda. There was Emma (Mrs Hubbard), George (married Aunty Rosie), Abraham, Aunty Louie, and others that I can't remember.

Kawhina was the oldest child, and when her father died, she was made Trustee of the shares until her siblings grew up. An historic account says that after sending a scout party North, it got into a skirmish with a local tribe, during which one of their members was killed and canaballised. In retribution the local tribe gifted the land Pakikaikutu to the Ngati Pukenga. How it came to be my great great grandfather's I've yet to establish.

The land was gifted in shares to Kawhina and her siblings by her father (my great great grandfather) Victor Wiremu Te Moananui (I think), with a portion gifted solely to Kawhina, which is the urupa (Block 1A). When Kawhina died, her portion of the land was shared between her children.

Her daughter Matilda married Thom Pitman (Tame Petimana) from Takahiwai. They settled on the land at Tamaterau named Pakikaikutu 1B2. With the help of my grandmother's brothers, my grandparents built a homestead which looked across the Whangarei Harbour towards Takahiwai and my grandfather's marae. They broke in and farmed the land,and raised 18 children there. They lived their until their deaths. Thom died in 1958 at an early age (56 I think) of a heart attack and is buried at Takahiwai.My nana died on 9th May 1974 aged 86 and is buried at Onerahi Lawn Cemetery.
Their childrens names were Sonny, George (Bunny), John, Len, Maunsell, William, David (Rewiti),Edward (Ted), Maketu (Mac), Haora (Bub),Joseph,Thomas, Elizabeth, Olive, Hannah, Agnes, Constance (my Mum) & Jessie.

Uncle Sonny married Aunty Alice, Uncle Bunny married Aunty Ellen Cassidy (who died) and then Aunty Esme, Uncle John was killed in the war, Uncle Bill married Aunty Cis Wellington, Uncle Dave married Aunty Zeitoun Wellington, Uncle Ted married Aunty Edith Mahunga, Uncle Mac married Aunty Beryl Sextus (now Mrs South), Uncle Bub married Aunty Rebecca Diamond, Uncle Tom married Aunty June (lives in Rotorua), Aunty Hannah married Uncle Warren Pitman, Aunty Aggie married Uncle Johna Edwards, Aunty Jessie married Uncle Dick Brizano.

As well as bringing up their own children, my grandparents and in particular my grandmother also raised and helped raise some of their grandchildren including my cousin John, my sisters Georgina (deceased), Maxine and myself. We were very fortunate to grow up at Nana's feet, listening to her stories, and to those lengthy chats she would have with friends and other family members (although we didn't appreciate it back then).

Of my nana's siblings all I know is that Aunty Emma married and became Aunty Emma Hubbard. Her children included Godfrey, Rex, Soni and Sondra.

Uncle George married Aunty Rosie. Among their children they had three girls - Nel, Rosalie and Patricia. Nel married Pat Patterson and for a time they owned the Parua Bay Hotel.

Aunty Louie married and became Aunty Louie Thrupp. She lived most of her life down at Maketu and is buried there.

Family members buried in the cemetery above the homestead, include Uncle Len, Aunty Olive, Aunty Elizabeth, my older sister Georgina, and Uncle Sonny's still born baby. Uncle's Maunsell, Sonny, Joseph, and Uncle Bub are buried at Onerahi, as is my mum Constance (Connie). Aunty Hannah is buried at Whakapara. Uncle Max is buried down the South Island in Upper Moutere, Nelson. Uncle John was buried in Crete. Uncle Ted is buried at Hikurangi, and Uncle Dave at Ngunguru. Aunty Jessie is buried at Waikumete.

Kawhina is not buried in the cemetery above the homestead, but further around the bay by Darkies Hill. I havn't managed to locate her grave though. When she was alive, Aunty Aggie told us a story of how Kawhina rode a big white horse bareback along Ahipara Beach.

My mother Constance was very close to her father. She said he would tell her the stories and get her to record all the family names and birthdays in the family bible. My mothers gift for remembering in detail the family history, birthdays,etc, is lost now, and it is with much regret that it was never recorded. Fortunately she shared many of her accounts with Maxine and myself, but with a family of this size, clearly there are many more to be recalled and told.

I hope what I've put on the page is of help.

My email address is clewett@ihug.co.nz

Posted : 16 October, 2006 11:23 pm
Anihana OWC
Active Member

"Aunty Aggie married Uncle Johna Edwards"

Should read Hona Edwards 🙂 Hona is my great great gandfather 🙂 I have some photo's of Aunty Aggie...you might be able to name some of the others in the photo with her!? Do you by any chance have any of her with the Edwards whanau?


Posted : 13 October, 2007 3:02 pm
Jenny Deegan OWC
New Member

George Brott was my Great Grandfather. His daughter Emma, and husband Harry Hubbard were my grandparents. My father Ron was 1 of 7 (???) children.

Posted : 04 November, 2007 4:51 pm
Louis Ani OWC
New Member

Kia Ora Whanau,
Agness and Hona Edwards were my grandparents
i am still in touch with alot of my uncles & aunties, my mothers name is Bubby who was their youngest daughter
would love to hear more from you all

Posted : 05 January, 2008 1:54 am
New Member

Hi June

I am the granddaughter of David Richard Lupton who was Emma Brott's son.  I am not sure if he was the oldest son or not, and unsure as to why he has the surname of Lupton as the other siblings have the surname of Hubbard.  I am hoping you are able to shed some light on this.  Adrian Hubbard had done some research into the Hubbard ancestry which was passed on to my cousin but there is not a lot of information that I can find on my granddad David Lupton.  

Many thanks

Raewyn Saxon raewyn_saxon@live.com

Posted : 03 May, 2018 11:06 pm
New Member

Hi Adrian, I have sent you an email so hopefully you still have the same email address.  I look forward to having more conversations with you.

I am the grandchild of David Lupton, great grandchild of Emma Brott.



Posted : 03 May, 2018 11:15 pm
New Member

Hi Jenny, from my understanding there were about 15 Hubbard children from Emma and Harry, with my granddad being one of them, David. 

Posted : 03 May, 2018 11:17 pm