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Broughton, Bob  

pheonix OWC
New Member

Hi, i am looking for whanau of Bob Broughton, He was from the New Plymouth area, i was around 3 months old when he died, my birth mother Vanessa Stabbing told me he was my father sorry i dont know much more,

Posted : 23 February, 2007 8:37 am
Eminent Member


Hi, i am looking for whanau of Bob Broughton, He was from the New Plymouth area, i was around 3 months old when he died, my birth mother Vanessa Stabbing told me he was my father sorry i dont know much more,

Kia ora Pheonix,

Research information: Broughton, Bob

Dictionary of New Zealand Biography.
YOUR SEARCH FOR: bobby broughton – no results found

Maori land online search: Bob Broughton.
You searched for: bob broughton
Found land for Bobby Broughton. Not sure if this is any good!
Could be your dad, then again? Email Maori Land Court and see if they will post you succession papers. Who Bobby Broughton received his land shares from.
Aotea is New Plymouth, Hawera, Wanganui area. mlcaotea@justice.govt.nz
Must advise you though, sometimes they are on to it and other times they are out of it.

Unclaimed maori land monies search:
Aotea 1735014-00 Anthony Piki Wallace Broughton $ 329.91
Waiariki 1649042-00 Huirua Broughton $ 675.11
Te Waipounamu 1216532-00 Jacqueline Broughton $ 305.31
Tairawhiti 1358756-00 John Renata Broughton $ 1,436.67
Aotea 1719186-00 Johnnie Broughton $ 384.53
Aotea 1736218-00 Ronald M Broughton $ 835.46
Aotea 1714560-00 Te Huinga Broughton $ 1,033.86
Aotea 1736094-00 Willie Broughton $ 372.53
Tairawhiti 1300198-00 Wiremu Broughton $ 920.42
Aotea 1746310-00 Yvonne Broughton $ 5,395.81

Unclaimed tax money search:
Broughton, Ivan - $125.00
Broughton, J W - $459.42
Broughton, Maxine H - $142.74

Google search for : broughton whanau.

Maori.org search:

Te Ao Hou magazine search: Broughton
Mrs Pe Awhimape Broughton
MRS Pe Awhimape Broughton died in Hastings last June, aged 72.
Mrs Broughton was the wife of the late George Broughton. During most of their married life they lived in Hawera. Mr Broughton died some 25 years ago.
Mrs Broughton was a daughter of Mr Ned Kershaw, whose grandfather, a Pakeha, fought in the early Maori-Pakeha wars. Her mother was born in Hawkes Bay.
A highly respected member of the community, Mrs Broughton worked hard as a member of the Women's Tribal Committee.
She is survived by seven children and more than 30 grandchildren.

Pouaru Paratene Broughton, popularly known as Tony Broughton of Waimarama, died on May 25, at the age of 41. He was the only son of Mrs Toko Paratene and the late Mr Paratene Broughton, and was descended from leading chiefs in Hawke's Bay.
He was born in Hastings and educated at the Waimarama Maori School, and was a member of the Ngati Whakaiti and the Ngati Whakaue tribes.
Mr Broughton was interested in all kinds of sports and was an ardent church worker, irrespective of denomination.
He was buried at the Waimarama Maori Cemetery.

Among the nurses to graduate at the recent graduation at Hawera Public Hospital was staff nurse Olive Broughton, thought to be the first local Maori to graduate at the Hawera Hospital.
The superintendent, Dr Berry, remarked that of the three graduates, one was an old New Zealander…a Maori…one a new New Zealander…Dutch…and one a pakeha New Zealander.
An association of ‘Friends of Turakina Maori Girls’ College’ was launched recently with Miss M. Middlemis of Marton as secretary. The association, which has over 300 members will carry out work similar to Parent-Teachers' Associations and is at present raising money for basketball courts, and a new front fence.

Pikitia of Colin Broughton.
Left to right: Colin Broughton, Jeff Taha, Dennis Matoe, Lorris Whenuaroa and Don Lawton.

Your search for "BROUGHTON" found 18 results. Showing results 1 to 18.

Hope you find something out of all this!

Noho ora mai.

Posted : 28 February, 2007 1:24 am
pheonix OWC
New Member

Thank you some cool info really helpful

Posted : 28 February, 2007 9:15 am
pheonix OWC
New Member

Just found out a few more things, Bob or Robert was my fathers name he died in 1979 i think of cancer, he also has other children, and sorry i spelt my birth mothers last name wrong its Stubbing and she also goes by Annear please can anyone help

Posted : 19 March, 2007 2:50 pm
gail.w@rtc.co.nz OWC
New Member

kia ora, like you i keep looking for my links and i had an uncle bob who died of cancer. he was my mums brother and was living in new plymouth when he died.My mum Rayna is the surviving sibling with my uncle dadaa, aunti kath who passed in oz. my grandfathers name was robert otineo broughton who also raised my eldest brother robert also deceased. my youngest brother clayton is actually uncle bobs son, whom my mum adopted when uncle died.if we are connected in any way it would be neat.also clayton is aware that he has siblings but to date im not sure if he has followed through on this. i hope this helps you if we on track and i think we may be. please feel free to get back to me and i will try and help you with what little i know. kiaora tatou, gail.w@rtc.co.nz

Posted : 21 January, 2008 10:48 am
gail.w@rtc.co.nz OWC
New Member

in my last reply i was sure you were looking for my uncle but now wander if you may have been looking for my brother Robert Broughton, who also died of cancer in 2004-5 aged 40+. There are 4 of us, phillip, leon, patricia or pattie and myself, gail. i was bought up away from my whanau so my taranaki connections are limited. I can see that these dates dont match what you already know but my gut feeling is telling me that you are whanau. cant wait to hear back.

Posted : 22 January, 2008 6:36 am