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kerangi OWC
New Member

TRYING TO FIND NORAH. We are trying to find Norah, surname unknown, but who was associated with Rebecca Brown in the late 1940's. This part of the Brown family has been looked at before on Maori.Org with Rebecca being born about 1868, parents of Riana Kereopa and Thomas Brown and brothers of Hakere, Barney, Te Haeata and Karena, the last being Mother-in-laws grandfather. My Mother-in-law recalls Norah being spoken about by her great aunt Rebecca then but never meet her. Rebecca (Repecca or Ripeka) died in 1950 and is buried in Gisborne. Untill recently it was thought that the grave was unmarked, but on a visit this year, Mother-in-law discovered a headstone which reads," In loving memory of Rebecca Brown died 24 June 1950." We now know the stone was done in 1993, 43 years after death. There must have been a strong bond between Norah and Rebecca to bring Norah back so many years latter to place a stone. What was that bond? Anyone have any thoughts?

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Posted : 08 February, 2008 8:10 am