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FLORES, Aussie (Rarotonga)  

John Archer OWC
New Member

(I received this email, and I am posting it here for Aussie Flores.
John Archer)

Hi there, I was a seaman out of Auckland on te pai "Maui Pomare."
I turned 21 at Avarua 21/6/51, settled in with the Kaitara-Pupuke family, a well known song and dance troop at the time, learned a lot of ribald ditties and a fair understanding of Rarotongan.

I seek news of my family if after 55 years anybody remembers them, also news of two Maori singers, George Tumahi and Sista Edna. Also song known then as Tiare Tahiti. The theme went "Ua aro te papiho, [hoiho] te fa aro te vaihine ia a te vaihine rua au." The punch line was "tupu te ruki."

Best Regards A.J.Flores.

I was known then as "Matangi" = Windy = talked too much.

Posted : 17 July, 2006 9:42 am
akwardt OWC
New Member

Kaitara Pupuke was my grandfather, had 12 children, and whangai 4 of his sister's children. He has family in Australia - (Gold Coast, Sydney) Rarotonga and Lower Hutt.

Posted : 23 February, 2008 10:52 pm