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HARRIS maybe or another surname?  

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Kia Ora, Is there someone out there who can help me....I dont have much info on who I am looking for but I would love to know any information big or small any leads would be much appriciated...all I can go on is by giving you my brothers details and hope his name may spark a memory!!! I am looking for his daughter who may have been born over 16years ago!!!
His name was RONALD RAHIRI HARRIS known to his friends as TOM,THOMAS...who loved to hitchhike all over New Zealand!!! He met up with a girl over 13yrs ago in I believe Motukaraka or Motueka up North, or the other possibility in Christchurch!!!...They (Daughter and Mother) came to my old home of Cambridge looking for me in 1999. The year I moved to Australia and ran into my father RONALD HOHAIA HARRIS known as ROCKY!!!...She introduced her daughter to my father as RONALD'S (Thomas's) daughter. I didn't learn of this until my dad casually said I met Ronald's daughter. He natually thought I knew because Ronald and I were so close. I would love to hear from any one who has heard of this story or who knew my brother...My Brother passed away in 1991...this is why this is important to me...Kia ora na Leeanne.

Posted : 24 July, 2006 1:47 am