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HOETE & SULLIVAN Connections.  

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Kia ora whanau.

Here is an extract and it is handwritten, which makes it difficult to read.

64 WHK MB 272.
Dated: 14/06/1978.

Succession to Wiki Sullivan or Wikitoria Sullivan deceased:

Section 135

H [can’t read name] for Deputy Registrar in support:
Parerohi [can’t read name] nee Sullivan.

I am the applicant. I live at Poika Rd, [can’t read rest]. This is the first time I have attempted to apply for succession to deceased’s lands. I doubt if anyone else in the family has bothered about doing it. I have even asked the older members of the deceased’s family to attend too but they were reluctant to do so.

I knew the deceased when she as a live. She was my sister.
I am the eldest of the family of nine children. Three girls and six boys. She was know by all the names given. She died at Motiti Island and she is buried there. I attended her tangi [funeral]. She married once only and then to Haimona Hoete who is still alive and living in Auckland. He has married again.

The deceased left the following children:
1.. Ngahoro HOETE, [f], [Mrs Mason], Manurewa, Auckland.
2.. Hoete HOETE, [m]Whakatane.
3.. Okeroa HOETE, [f], [Mrs Williams], Wellington.
4.. William HOETE, [m], Auckland.
5.. Walter HOETE, [m], Whakatane.
6.. Maude HOETE, [f], Auckland.
7.. Harry HOETE, [m], Auckland.
8.. Charlotte HOETE, [f], Whakatane.
9.. Minnie HOETE, [f], born 1958?, Auckland.
10. Maraea HOETE, died at the age of 5 years.

There are no others. Also, there were no legally adopted children.

Court: Persons entitled are No’s 1-9 both inclusive equally.

[still more pages but only got 2 from MLCourt].


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Posted : 25 April, 2007 3:25 pm
ang y OWC
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Kia Ora Ira,

I was just wondering if you could tell me where Wiki Sullivan lived? I'm trying to find out more about my GGGG grandmother. Her name was Erana/Erina Ferguson, but on her birth certificate it has her mothers name as Elizabeth Sullivan (but this may have been translated to english) and father unknown. Erana was born in 1823 so her mother was probably born ealry 1800's. They were apparently from Nga Puhi.

Thanks for your help!

Posted : 14 February, 2008 7:41 pm