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HURINUI, Frank : looking for my father  

Bubblez OWC
New Member

I am a 23year old nurse living in England looking for my moari father who 10 years ago lived in Cambridge / Leamington, New Zealand. I was also living there with my grandmother for a short time but never knew who he was (although we had brief meetings) until i was back in England. My New Zealand school friend at the time Riria knew who he was but i lost contact with her over the years. I know that he worked in the dairy factory in the area but other then that i have no idea where he is now. He is around 40 years old. As part of a school trip while i was at Cambridge catholic school we took a trip to a marae, there was a posibility that it was his as i remeber ladies watching me with interest but never made the conection until Riria mentioned it in a letter on my return to england, alias i don't remember it's name. I have already put a posting on this site but with the wrong name, thanks to everyone who replied and some additional info from my mums relatives i now know for certain his true name. So a big thankyou to all those people.

Posted : 04 June, 2005 1:16 pm
Buba OWC
New Member

Kia Ora,

I can most definatly help you out! Frankie is my Uncle. Please PM me and i would most certainly help you out!

Posted : 13 June, 2005 1:25 pm
pasifiklegends OWC
Active Member

Hey there Katarina. I hope that 1st cousin of mine Frank has made contact with you. He is indeed a hard man to find. My mother Geranium (Tereinamu Rangipuwahia (nee) Hurinui (who is your grandfather Frank Snrs sister) has trouble locating him. And my mother is his Aunty!!! Hope you have found or made contact with him as I wish you well. If I run into him or 1 of his brothers or sisters. I'll query for you.

Posted : 07 November, 2005 2:41 pm
New Member

Hey my cuzzies Emerson & Amo ...Geez I 4got metcha Mum at Uncle Munro's whare, & Uncle just reminded me she's a Hurinui, hubby already hit up Frankie @ work so he's in the know.
Katch u on da Tuhoe netwaves boi.

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Posted : 26 December, 2005 1:14 am