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Incomplete Transfer of Court Orders  

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Kia ora whanau, thought this could be interesting reading????

Incomplete Transfer of Court Orders
We noted in paragraph 4.35 on page 66 that the Trustee was having difficulty processing Court orders received from the Māori Land Court. At present, Court orders are sent to the Trustee sporadically and in hard copy only, and there is no procedure in place to ensure that the Trustee receives every Court order relating to the blocks of land that the Trustee administers.

Processing Court orders is time-consuming because of the requirement to calculate the division of shares in a block of land for those owners listed in the order. Orders often involve numerous people receiving interests in a number of blocks of land – requiring the Trustee’s staff to update a large number of records. This task would be much simpler if the information could be transferred electronically, allowing the Trustee to establish automatic updating of electronic records.

Difficulties also arise when records relating to the same person or block of land are listed under different names within the two organisations’ systems. There needs to be some standardisation between the two systems to reduce possible confusion and mistakes.

We recommend that the Māori Land Court Unit and the Trustee –
22. Jointly investigate the introduction of electronic transfer of Court orders.
23. Jointly investigate the development of a system to allow for the transfer of more generic information, ensuring that such transfers would take account of the inconsistencies between the records held by each organisation.

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Ma te waa whanau.

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Posted : 02 December, 2006 7:00 am