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Kahi (Wironi) Moses and Lena (Porpata) Kahi, are my great grandparents - I'm looking for help with my whakapapa.
I don't have much information passed them - I know my great grandfather was part Nga Puhi, I don't know anything about my greatgrandmother.

Posted : 18 January, 2008 3:41 pm
Tauira01 OWC
New Member

Kia ora ano NZIA Girl

My whakapapa links me with Te Rarawa in the far north. And the name Kahi is there also.

Kahi was the child of the legendary Tarutaru and Te Ruapounamu.
Kaimanu was the partner of Kahi, and four generations down from these people, my great-grandfather was born.

I know of a website that exist regarding the man Tarutaru. Sadly, I can not remember the website URL. Arohamai

If you like, I can email you the whakapapa that I have. It may not provide much along your ancestral line, but its better to have than to have not.

Message me if you are interested

Maa te waa

Posted : 03 February, 2008 12:18 pm
copycatdog OWC
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Tena Koe Whanau,
The Kahi=Kaimanu that you refer to Tauira were born around 1780.To NZIA girl, you don't get "part" Ngapuhi. You either are or not.
To Tauira, I have the Whakapapa for Tarutaru and the Whakapapa for Te Rua Pounamu.

Posted : 03 February, 2008 6:59 pm
New Member

Copycatdog (Steve)
I simply was saying I am "part" as I am not full blooded Ngapuhi, but I consider myself Ngapuhi.
My great nanny was not Ngapuhi, no one in my immediate family or my extended family knows what iwi she is. Her parents died at a young age and she had little memories of them, for the time that she grew up (early 1900's) she was well educated and from what we know, she never spoke of her lineage. She as well as my grandfather we raised in a time when they were shunned for being Maori. At an early age my grandfather said some of his earliest memories were being punshied for speaking Maori by the church.
Because I don't know much about my iwi is why I am on this site.
So again I am Ngapuhi, as well as Scottish/Eglish and Irish/American from my father's side.

Thanks for your reply.

Posted : 04 February, 2008 3:43 am