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KEATING / WHITINUI / PENE: searching for information on family history  

mitnos OWC
Active Member

I am looking for my family history.
Any information on the Keating, Whitinui, Pene, families would be a great help thank you

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Posted : 11 February, 2005 12:37 pm
mitnos OWC
Active Member

The Keating's lived in wairoa in the late 50's and early 60's. Whitinui's lived up in the far north!!!! Mr Keating moved back up north when his 2nd wife died in 1960??? He had 12 children???
Can anyone help????

Posted : 22 February, 2005 2:43 pm
pearlau OWC
Active Member

Tena Koe Mitnos

Are you able to provide any further details, such as the 2nd wife's name/surname, children's names, or christian names, for Keating, Whitinui, Pene whanau.

Or possible, where in the far north, they moved to?.

This may help to ring some bells, for or jog some memories, out there.

Posted : 23 February, 2005 11:59 pm
mitnos OWC
Active Member

Keating's: Walter and Bella (nee Whitinui)
Walter born in Rongatea and Bella born in Te Kaeo
Walters Parnts were William and Ada (nee Garrett)
Bella Whitinui was Walters 2nd wife, but had children to 1st wife who died, when married 2nd wife.

Whitinui: Thomas and Bessie (nee Pene)
Bessie is buried somewhere in Kaimaumau? Tribe Aupouri. Bessies's parents were Pene Waenga and Ani Waenga.
I am not sure where abouts they moved to up in the far North sorry.

Any help i am most thankfull for.

Posted : 24 February, 2005 12:55 pm
Trusted Member

Tena koe mitnos,

If you go to www.familysearch.org and search for the Surname Waenga, setting the country to New Zealand you will find some records for the Waenga Whanau.

You need to beware however that info in this site is not always accurate. For example there is a Pere Waenga listed, but this looks like Pene also. You would have a better idea also about the accuracy of the dates. My own whanau records there have my dad and siblings born in the 1900's and another set of records have them born in the 1800's - same month and day just different century! You could also search for the other whanau names there also.

There is also a book floating around called Families of Te Hapua. It has not been published, but it is a hand written record for the 1930's. In it there is a record of a Pene Waenga and a record for a Waenga Pene, but I can not match the name Ani to either of them.

Do you know of any other first names that Bessie may have also been known by? Often people have about 2 - 4 names, a common name or nickname in Maori, a common name or nickname in Pakeha, the official name in Maori and the official name in Pakeha! Giving a full list helps immensely

Also, do you know the maiden name for Ani Waenga?

Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!

Posted : 05 March, 2005 3:39 pm
exqwsit OWC
Active Member

Tena Koe Mitnos,
My Aunty Robina married a Pene from Wairoa,
his name is (uncle)Eddie, he is listed in the nz whitepages telephone directory he maybe able to help you.

Posted : 08 March, 2005 11:54 pm
mitnos OWC
Active Member

Thank you Exqwsit i will try and check it out.
Thank you Pearl and Poutokomanawa, i have tried these but dont seem to get anywhere either.

Posted : 30 March, 2005 12:59 pm
Whitinui101 OWC
Active Member

Kia ora te whanau. Kei te mihi atu kia koutou katoa mo tenei ra. E nga reo, e nga mana, e nga waka, e nga rangatiratanga. Te Hei Mauriora.

Arohmai te koreoro Pakeha

Okay, my sister sent me this url so I thought I may be able to help make some links a bit clearer Maybe this will help ignite some pride and curiosity in ones turangawaewae and indeed, pursue ones connection to the land, mountains,rivers, forests and ocean.

With regards to the Keating Whanau which is the first name mentioned in this kaupapa.

Bella Whitinui (nee Keating) was married to Walter Earnest Keating was her second Marriage.

Bella parents are Besse (Wai) Pene and Toetoe (Thomas) Whitinui
There is only two remaining in this whanau William (Waenga) Whitinui, my Dad, and Maggie Plowmen (nee Whitinui) (who lives in Australia).

Their brothers and sisters (my aunties and Uncles) names were Margaret, Eddie, Thomas, Joyce, Julia, and Bella (the name in question) and have all deceased. Bella has a daughter Bella-May Susana Stevenson (nee Whitinui) and is married to Martin Stevenson, they have two children (Justine and Kendell) and live in Kaitaia (09) 408 2532 (enjoy the koreoro). Bella-May I know is looking for anyone who has a picture of her Mum.

Bella's first marriage was to Tom Sing and they had 5 children Sally, Maureen, Arthur, Anthony and Ngahuia. I have met Sally and her daughter Karatrina, they live in Auckland. Maureen has passed away but I believe the others are still living. Sally's goes by Sally Whitinui.

Bella's second marriage was to Walter Earnest Keating and they had 4 children Bella-May, Walter, Pauline and Elanor. Bella-May lives in Kaitaia as mentioned, Elanor recently married to Kevin Cork and lives in Te Atatu Auckland last time I heard, the rest have passed. Pauline (has passed away in 1999) has children to Barney from te teko,and their names are Natasha (has passed away in 1999), Paula, Opal and Rehutania and live in and around the Kawerau area.

Bella is my aunty and is the sister of my father William (Waenga) Whitinui (who lives in Whakatane and is 70 this year- Maori of full blood- 100 percent Maori).

Bella and my Dad are brother and sister but I have never met Bella only her daughter.

The next part of this kaupapa is the Whitinui Whanau

My grandfather Toetoe Whitinui married twice. His first marriage was to Besse Pene where they had 8 children William (Waenga-my dad), Margaret, Eddie, Thomas, Maggie, Joyce, Julia, Bella (lady in question). Toe Toe second marriage was to Nellie Matia (her dad was talked about as being Matia Tupe- family history in Matauri Bay) and they had 7 children Joe, Whitu, Elizabeth (Lisa), Fiona. Eddie and Corran. Bella-May on her Mum passing lived and was bought up by her grandparents.

Toe Toe Whitinui parents were Whitinui Kainamu and Ngakirikiri Wirenu Tangata. Ngakirikiri parents were Te Ahu Wiremu Tangata and Tura Haare Hongi, and yes Tura was the daughter of Haare Hongi and Haare Hongi the son of Hongi Hika (Nga Puhi War chief).

Whitinui Kainamu father was Kainamu Pumipi and his father was Pumipi Whaitua whose ancestors I do not wish to divulge here due to tapu and not feeling I have that direct connection based on my level of knowledge and understanding.

The Pene kaupapa is the last I will refer to on here. Besse (Wai) Pene is my grandmother who marred ToeToe (Thomas) Whitinui. She is buried in Kaimaumau in Kaitaia alongside 4-5 of her children who died of TB. No names are on the gravestones, but the Cooks who live next door to the urupa have the names on who is buried where. Both Cooks (Lyida and Ladie Cook) have passed away, but it is hoped that someone in the whanau has being given that responsibility.

The Pene's are from Te Aupouri(Ngati Kuri) and Besse (Wai) is from a family of 8. Wai (Besse), Waenga Waenga, Wiremu, Eddie, Simon, Len, Mereana, Marsh. Many have passed but the two daughters of Len and Rongo have been a good port of call to talk about that whanau, Lydia (from Ahipara) and Priscilla (they call her Billy) from Auckland.

Besse's parents were Pene Waenga (buried in Kaimaumau) and Ani Ngaropere Houhora (buried in Houhora cemetry). Pene Waenga's Besse Dad had 6 in his family Manihera, Nau, Ani (after the Mum), Marihi, Penaea, Mihipaea, and their parents were Waenga Pene and Tuhiata Waenga(nee Manihera). As you can see there was a few names changes re Pene and Waenga, but the Pene names remains today.

These records are held on the family archives in the Kaitaia Museum if one wishes to pursue further research.

I hope this helps make some valid connections. Try to get more than one story as I have learnt what one read and what people say can be two different stories.

Ka mutu to koreoro. No reira tena kia ora koutou katoa
Pai Marie

Posted : 02 April, 2005 11:29 am
mitnos OWC
Active Member

Thank you so much, this has been so overwhelming.
Wow i so cant believe it, after all this time searching.
Thank you.

Posted : 06 April, 2005 9:41 pm
Whitinui101 OWC
Active Member

Kia ora koutou,

I just want to say that whilst its great to share and collaborate about the heritage of ones own family connections, there are alot of Maori who continue to feather there own hats by taking advantage of whakapapa links for power and privilege which ultimately leads to corruption. Such sites likes this one is also a means of providing knowledge to those who actually know more about our whakapapa than we do and through gate-keeping processes many Maori families continue to left out in the cold or kept in the dark.

This is so evident when we witness how land claims are being currently dealt with and who is initiating the whole process. Many of the negotiations are happening with government and select groups of Maori and often behind closed doors prior to when the actual meetings begin. Goals and objectives are already in place and the government is leading and facilitating many of the forums.

As a result, many lands claims are being rushed and Maori individuals who are usually only part owners or sometimes first on the scene are being made to bear the burden of having to make decisions based on whats been put on the table before them. This is simply anotther form of both alienation and colonisation.

These concerns/issues will come back to bite us a people, especially when many Maori are being coerced into ownership roles instead of guardianship, and using their Maori influence for privilege.

Indeed, much discussion is happening at the iwi level but there is little or no time provided towards tracking down specific hapu/whanau to work out the legitimate mana and kaitiaki status of individual groups.

Furthermore hapu are not being informed or given the time/resoruces to find out about more about their whakapapa and consequently their access and responsibility to the land has diminished or been consumed by Pakeha rules, infrastructures and systems.

The govt is aiding this process by speeding up claims and leaving Maori to argue amongst themselves or worst still selling to overseas investors. We must oppose and resist such processes with an absolute passion.

This may well mean in the near future that we will have to begin confronting the Trustboards and asking for our own status and rights as mana whenua o te hapu to be restored. This require on-going discussion about Whakapapa and tikanga with those who are in positions of leadership, and who are dictating our futures as Maori.

The fight is just beginning.

This struggle without an end for Maori is our plight, mainly because the numbers are against us and that the govt are continually shifting the goal posts for use to achieve our own destinies. Often many Western modern societies have forgotten the value of breathing and living as people and appear content on giving with one hand and taking with the other. Likewise, many Pakeha breaucracies/infrastructures and institutional racism, based on policies, rules and regulations continue to further divide us as Maori.

For many Maori there is no choice. Rise up!! or Die!! We can not deny our tikanga as Maori, it is ordained by those above and mastered by years of hard work by our ancestors. It is a sacred and supreme way of living with the elements of nature and the environment.

Can this site honestly testify to acting in our best interests as Maori, whanau, hapu and iwi???? Dont just look at what it is designed to achieve or the benefit to individuals at present, look at the wider implications based on our current situation as Maori and what is happening around us. This resource should be a critical part of all land grievances and assisting the resurgence of Maori, iwi, hapu and whanau all around the motu. It should be a priority everywhere in Aotearoa to uplift Maori identity, language, culture and ways of knowing for everyone who is Maori and New Zealander.

Kia Kaha e hoa ma

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Posted : 24 April, 2005 7:16 pm