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Lost Contact  

arabinda OWC
New Member

Kio Ora

I lost contact with one of my colleague whom I worked long back at the Hamilton Forensic Psychiatric Service at Teo Moto Hospital. Her name was Ella Dobson, Maori name was Teara Wharemeti. At that time(1996) she lived at 33 Cowley Drive, Temple view, Hamilton. I will appreciate if anybody helps me to find her present contact. She is living in Hamilton but in a different address.
Heartfelt thanks for the help.
Dr. Arabinda Chowdhury, 62 Abbots Way, Kettering, Northants NN15 6FW. UK


Posted : 29 March, 2008 5:19 am
Eminent Member

I have someone with a similar name living across the border from me in Switzerland..surname is spelt differently but shall inquire if its the same person..do you know if shes married and what her husbands name was?

Posted : 29 March, 2008 8:07 am
noved2 OWC
Active Member

Kia Ora Arabinda,

Her name wouldn't be Ella Wharemate, would it?

na Noved

Posted : 29 March, 2008 9:10 am
arabinda OWC
New Member

Thanks to our friend from Germany. But I am sure she never lived in Switzerland. Her husband died few years ago.
Thanks na Noved. Yes you are correct, her English name was Ella Dobson (husband's surname) and I think her Mouri name was Teara Wharemeti. She has one son (Adam) and one daughter (Amenda)

Posted : 30 March, 2008 8:43 am