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MAKI, Nga Uri O Tauwhitu  

hohaia2 OWC
Eminent Member

Edward Mackie
Leah Mackie
Regina Mackie
Sophie Mackie
Donald Mackie
Marion Mackie
Lynette Mackie

The forementioned names are the issue of Tauwhitu Te Katene Maki [Mackie]. My nanny Rongo and Tauwhitu Maki were first cousins. Wanting to make contact with any of Tauwhitu's uri.

Kia ora!

Posted : 21 December, 2007 4:45 pm
DrBenjaminPittman OWC
Active Member

Tena koe e Hohaia!

As well as being Patuone's great-great grandson and his closest living uri (my grandmother Hoana Hohaia was a daughter of Patuone's son Hohaia and she married Okeroa Pitman), through Okeroa, my other great-great grandfather was Tauwhitu but the Tauwhitu from Mahurangi. I have written about the Tauwhitu who was involved in the killing ot Te Auparo and Te Karehu in my forth-coming book, Patuone, Peacemaker: A Life in Context. I will also put it on my website: http://www.patuone.com.

I have been reading your contributions to various forums. Ka pai to mahi!

As you know, Te Wharerahi married Tari, sister of Patuone and Nene. Check out the tatai on my site. I have a few changes to make and a lot more tatai and information to put up.

Nga mihi mo te tau hou!

Dr Benjamin Pittman
Site Administrator, Patuone.com

Posted : 16 January, 2008 2:38 pm
New Member

Kia ora not sure how we are related but pretty sure that leah and those othr names are my dads first cousins My da is Norman Mackie, his dad was Ben Mackie there is mackie whanau that still live out at whananaki and they could give you more whakapapa get a hold of Kayleen Mackie/ in Northland phone book however she won't give it to u over phone so get some one to go and see her very informative, once you find out our connection hook us up.....

Posted : 19 January, 2008 8:06 pm