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Maori POWs Germany 1944  

Eminent Member

Searching for information about Maori POWs who were held at Blechammer, a satellite work camp of BIRKENAU, GERMANY
These men worked on Herman Goerings Oil refinery.
In the winter of 1944 the prisoners were marched out of their camp through Czechoslovakia to Moosburgs Stalag VII near Munich
There is a photograph/article April/May 2005 issue of MANA MAGAZINE which shows 10 maori prisioners dressed in improvised maori costumes. They apparently performed a concert for their own amusement.
Another x-POW (their mate)from england is searching for any survivors

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Posted : 24 May, 2005 7:23 pm
Wiremu Teohomauri OWC
Active Member

One of my whanau Petera Kaa was a POW in Stalag 7a during WW2. HE talks briefly of it at the following link http://www.whanauokaa.com/profiles/peterahoukamau.html I hope yhis helps

Posted : 22 August, 2007 7:32 pm
Eminent Member

Much thanks Wiremu..will search for that Mana magazine edition and send this link onwards
From memory I think the guy mentions some of the names of the various Maori men he knew ..and Im sure one of them was known as Pedro ( or something similar) as it struck me as unusual for a Kiwi name Kia ora Joy

Posted : 22 August, 2007 8:05 pm