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MATENGA Whanau  

nards17 OWC
New Member

Kia ora

I am looking for my father who I have never been in contact with, his name is Christopher Matenga I think that is how you spell his last name. I know he has whanau in Wellington and has a sister in-law by the name of Helen. He could be living in Auckland but am not to sure.

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Posted : 15 November, 2004 4:56 pm
artecwoman OWC
Active Member

Kia Ora nards17

I know of some Matenga families who live in Glen Afton and in the
Huntly areas they will be related to your father for sure.
Do you know where your father came from originally(area, marae,etc)
maybe some will be able to help you if you had a little bit more
if not that doesnt matter I will try and contact my cousin as he married a Matenga.

Kia kaha na Inu

Posted : 16 November, 2004 11:54 pm
charmaine Pini OWC
New Member

If your father is who I think it is his family use to live in Stokes Valley Lower Hutt. They are a big family. I am related to Chris on his fathers side. His father and my dad are cousins, They came from Pirinoa in the Wairarapa. Unfortunately I do not know where he is as the last time I saw him was when my dad passed away. He has an older brother Abe Matenga who might still be living in Whakatane. I do know he still has family living in Lower Hutt. Last I herd I think his sister in law Helen was working at a prison. He only has one sister and her name is Carol and she has a twin brother. If you are still trying to contact anyone in his family i suggest you try the white pages as i do not have a contact. I have noticed a couple of the names but not sure if it is any of them. Unfortunately we only met up when their is something happening in the family.(Usually a Tangi) I dont get down to Lower Hutt very often. Hope I might have helped you a bit.

Posted : 10 December, 2004 9:20 pm
KMatenga OWC
New Member

Kia ora,

I am married to Rana (Puke) Matenga whose father is Te Hua (Kingi)Matenga...we live in Lower Hutt. Dad's marae/s are Rongopai and Muriwai.
I know that Dad was originally from the Wairarapa/Hawkes Bay and had an older brother, Alec Matenga, who lived in the Bay until he passed away a while ago. Uncle Alec has a son, Alex Matenga, who still lives up that way and my husband recently caught up with him.
Sadly, we don't know much about Dads side of the whanau. Mum is Reedy/Mackey whanau so we have a lot more history of that side.
Anything you do find out would be cool if you could keep us in the loop.


Posted : 29 December, 2004 10:14 am
nards17 OWC
New Member

I am still in a bit of shock but I have been in contact with two of my cousins, we have just started to email each other and slowly building up to texting. What away to start the year...

Posted : 12 January, 2005 11:25 pm
amiz2001 OWC
New Member

Good one, nards17, what a start for the new year, enjoy your new found whanau.
all the best.

Cheers amiz2001

Posted : 13 January, 2005 3:52 am
Active Member


They came from Pirinoa in the Wairarapa.

sorry to steal this thread a little but I am related to the Matengas and Pirinoa, Wairarapa is my whanau territory! My great grandmother was Kuini Hinetewai Matenga (I am named after her), her parents are buried there at Pirinoa (as far as I know) I have a picture of the urupa when I went there a few years back. I have some family papers of theirs but there is a relative of ours (in Wellington, sorry I cannot remember her name) who has them all, when I find out her name I will let you know. This is great!!
Good luck Nards17 we may be related!!

Posted : 30 June, 2005 7:38 pm
huihana OWC
Active Member

Kia ora,
Just to add a little something, u may find u are also related to the Ngati Kanohi Matenga whanau of Whangara(Whale Rider)They are also in thew/pages Gisborne.Whakapapa can be found in the book Horouta.Heta Matenga would be able to help.Most of Matenga whanau living in whangara where in movie.

Posted : 10 July, 2005 2:00 am
Active Member

Hey Nards17, hows that pepe coming along. Kia ora to all. I am Nards17 cousin. My father is the eldest of our whanau, brother to Nards17 biological father. Have to say "MASSIVE KIA ORA" to maori org. with out maori org. we'd still be searching for each other. KIA ORA GRAFIK, can confirm that we are whanau. Your great kuia and my great koro (Aperahama Matenga II) are brother & sister. My great koro married Whanaupani Clark & has my grandfather Aperahama III but he was bought up by his uncle Reinga Matenga, oldest brother to kuini & AperahamaII. So your greatgreat grandparents, KakiMatenga & Riria manihera pouhiki are also my great great grandparents. So fill me in who are your parents?? & grandparents??

Posted : 15 July, 2005 9:48 pm
tikitwice OWC
Active Member

I was doing a Google search for the "Matenga Whakapapa" and I came across this Panui.
I too am a Matenga. Alot of my whanau are living in Porirua, Wellington. My great grandfather is also Aperehama Matenga, but I dunno if he's the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. My grandfather is Piripi Matenga. My grandfather's children are:
Ani, Panapa, Piripi, Paora, Barney, Heni, Hone, Meri and Hawea(my mum.)
I was reading Jodie's comment, posted yonks ago, Jodie Matenga sounds very familiar, she wouldn't be from Welly too would she???
its sounds as though we could be from the same tree, I might be one of those braches.???
Anyway, I am trying to find my whakapapa also, starting from my G.Grandfather Aperehama.

Posted : 01 September, 2006 11:45 pm
Active Member

Chur, tikitwice maybe you are another branch....I haven't heard of the names you listed but there are soo many of us and I was only bought up knowing a small handfull. Let me check with my dad to see where our branches conncet!!!

Posted : 27 February, 2007 8:34 pm
m.matenga OWC
Active Member

Kia-ora whanau. I am a Matenga and we originate from Waingaro springs Ngaruawahia. My dad comes from a whanau of 10 sisters & 4 brothers.My grt grt g-father was Te Matenga Matenga. My g-father was Kura A-Tai-Whakaea who married Huirangi Huirama (Osborne) from Ngati Tuwharetoa.

Dolly Matenga = Joe Tihore
Hurangi Matenga = Charles Tahana
Susan Matenga = Jack Kaa
Gayle Matenga = ?????
Polly Matenga = Tarapi Daniels
Angel Matenga = Simon Hiriaki
Sheila Matenga = Credo Hemopo/Manuel Pedro
Bunty Matenga = ?????
Sonja Matenga = Amoketi Morgan
Pakira Matenga = (Deceased)
Hone Matenga = Mere Ngatai/Esmay Wilson
Sonny Matenga = Jan Wilson/Julia Waikai
Anthony Matenga = Lynley Unahi
Martin Matenga = Diane Matenga
Jeremiah Matenga = Helen Kani
Well thats my Matenga whanau from the Waikato
70+ g-children
50+ grt g-children
6 grt grt g-children and I happen to be one of those 70

Posted : 23 August, 2007 12:13 pm
Hotutaua OWC
Active Member

Martin= Matenga= Te Hiko= Ngati Toa= Toa Rangatira

Posted : 23 August, 2007 11:06 pm
mumsy OWC
New Member

kia ora

my sister inlaw is a Matenga, she resides in Gisborne and has heaps of whanau throughout the east coast and I think they're close rellies of the M'cluthie whanau. I think her grandfather was Tunis Matenga which is also the name of one of the sis's uncles.

Posted : 30 December, 2007 8:34 am