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MAXWELL, Tamaki  

Eminent Member

Tamaki Maxwell born and buried at Umupuia, Auckland. He has living descendants some of which originate from the Taranaki region.
We are trying to ascertain who his parents were and which branch of the Maxwell whanau he descended from.There is much confusion over this issue

We have researched the normal sites but the information there does not correspond with a written account which was left behind by the woman who was thought to have been his mother (Hera Maurahu) While he may have been Pirihiras(previous wifes) child, his name is also not consistant with those recorded by Hera as one of her husbands offspring to either herself or Pirihira.
Was he known by another name or was he perhaps a mokopuna?
He is definately one of "ours" we would just like to discover where he rightfully belongs. If you can shed any light on this mystery we would be very grateful

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Posted : 06 June, 2005 12:41 am