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Mere Hine TAITUHA and Waata Momo TAITUHA.  

Eminent Member

Kia ora whanau,

Mowika MAPU or Monika MAPU.

Received some papers back from MLCourt regarding Mowika Mapu or Monika Mapu.

According to MLCourt in Te Waiponamu (South Island) there is a possibility that Mowika Mapu is actually Monika Mapu.

According to MLCourt in Te Waiponamu (South Island), There are no other original owners with the same surname.

Monika was an owner in Rapaki MR 875 Sec 5B, 5C, 5D and 5E.

Location of Land, map of Rapaki land area.
Use the little star boxes to the left of the map to zoom in and out.

Hohaia Te Kotuku succeeded to Monika’s land shares in a previous succession.

Hohaia left a will leaving everything to Hareti Toko and the eventual successors were:
Mere Hine TAITUHA,
Waata Momo TAITUHA and
These people succeeded to Monika in this block, Rapaki MR 875 Sec 5.
Reference: 28 SI MB 27.
Dated: 29 January, 1936.

Monika Mapu was an owner in Rapaki 1A Sec 5 and died about 1880.
Mere RIWAI was the successor at 18 SI MB 130.
Dated: 12 November, 1913.
The relationship to Mere Riwai is not stated. This minute refers to Judge Rawson’s report in the case of Kaiapo sections 106 and 110. I cannot locate this report but the minutes at 2 SI MB 12 and 13 dated 16 October 1885 are in respect of succession to Monika Tuhaka in Kaiapoi 106. There is whakapapa in this minute and Hohaia te Kotuku was the half brother of Monika. Evidence was given that Monika was a child of Takapau and Tarakau and the half sister of Hohaia te Kotuku and Paora Tau. She had a child Eruera Hui who had no children. Hohaia’s will left everything to Hareti Toko who was Eruera’s widow.

So whanau if any of these are your tupuna then succession for Alton Blk IV Section 5 needs to be addressed by your whanau.

Contact mlctewaipounamu@justice.govt.nz for more information on succession for the above block.

Kia ora whanau.

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Posted : 06 February, 2007 3:33 pm