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dutchessnz OWC
Active Member

KIa Ora Te Whanau

For those of you i have not chatted to yet please let me introduce myself and let me tell you my Whakapapa or what i know of it as my dad was not one to talk about Whakapapa,i,m not sure why i only know who my granparents are so hopefully i have other Whanau out there who can help me or maybe would just like to come in and share their Moeke Whakapapa.

My Name is Josephine Moeke.I was born and bred in Hiruharama.I am the youngest of 15 children.My fathers name is Hukarere(Bully) Moeke and his parents were Renata(Len)Moeke and Heni Haereroa.My dad was born at Waitakaro 23/08/1923.He had 8 siblings.
Hamiora or Sam Moeke
Harata Moeke or Mrs Te Kira
Te Ohorere Moeke
Te Aohou orTau Moeke
Te Ikanui or Sarge Moeke
Reremoana Moeke
Mahaki or Mac Moeke
Keita or Mrs Brown

My Mother is Hereikiha also known as Rose Moeke but her maiden name was Keelan.
Her parents were Honewaipapa Keelan and Maraea Pipi.
Well thats all i know or can remember for now so please come on in and share your knowledge you never know it may help someone.

Posted : 04 October, 2006 11:07 pm
muligan-moeke@xtra.co.nz OWC
New Member

Nga mihi ki a koe a dutchessnz me nga uri o Iraia Moeke raua ko Arhia Kaurapa

My name is Laurence Ngamaru Moeke, born and bred in Putaruru.I am the second youngest of 8 children in my family, my baby bro, Jubert Moeke, is a member on this site also.My dad passed away 3yrs ago, we took him back to Te Teko where he grew up.
Today,I still live in Putaruru, in fact I am the only Moeke listed in the phone book for the Tokoroa/Putaruru(South Waikato) district.

Here is my whakapapa

Iraia Moeke=Arahia Kaurapa

Hone Kawhena Moeke=Mariana Taiuru
Iraia Moeke
Te Mina Ora Moeke
Kamureti Reg Moeke
Kawhena Peter Moeke=Irihaapeti Meihana
Te Rehe Casey Moeke
Hamiora Sam Moeke
Hurae Moeke
Jacob Moeke
Te Mutu Smokey Moeke

Kawhena Peter Moeke=Irihaapeti Meihana
Tai Moeke
Ani Moeke
Marshall Moeke=Dorothy(Roberts)Moeke
Sam Moeke
Te Mutu Victor Moeke
Wiremu Billy Moeke

Marshall Moeke=Dorothy(Roberts)Moeke
Evelyn(Moeke)Takiri(Cook Is)
Mavis Moeke
Marshall Moeke
Terence Moeke
Laurence Moeke=Hectorina Mulligan
Jubert Moeke

Laurence Moeke=Hectorina Mulligan
Arahia Moeke
Nasir Mulligan-Moeke
Tatyana Mulligan-Moeke

My partner was born and bred in Patutahi, she went to Patutahi Primary School and Gisborne Girls High.
Her dad is Jim Mulligan and her mum is Mabel(Tamatea)Mulligan(they are not related to the coasty Mulligan).

L Moeke

Posted : 09 October, 2006 10:40 pm
dutchessnz OWC
Active Member

Kia Ora Koe Taku Whanaunga

I don't know much about my Whakapapa.I'm from the Ruatoria/Hiruharama Moekes.I didn't know there were Moeke's in Putaruru.I use to travel there quite a bit when my partner use to go there and pick up newspapers to bring back to Gizzy.I hear there is quite a few Moekes in Whakatane but i don't know those ones either.Mind you though i think we are spread all over New Zealand.
Thankyou for sharing your Whakapapa with me.Isn't the internet a good tool to have especially in sites like this ...it's amazing who you meet.

Posted : 12 October, 2006 12:40 pm
muligan-moeke@xtra.co.nz OWC
New Member

Nga mihi ano ki a koe a dutchessnz

I agree, we are spread all over New Zealand and all over the world as well.
Ae kei te tautoko au ki a koe, the internet is a wonderful thing to have today.
My dads brother,Tai Moeke, is living in Whakatane.
I keep in contact now and then on the phone and when we head back to Gizzy in the holidays, we call in and visit whanau in Te Teko, then we visit uncle Tai for a cuppa an a chit chat.
Ma te wa

L Moeke

Posted : 13 October, 2006 10:09 pm
Ngatikool OWC
Active Member

Kia ora e hoa!
I know of some Moeke's, My brother was adopted By Jacob and Ethel Moeke from your ways. It Might be hand for you to contact Monty Soutar who knows our whakapapa and my be able to give you some info. As far as I know he is living in Manutuke. Other wise Their is John Moeke who you can find at PakiPaki School in Hastings. I am sure that they can help you. Good Luck

Posted : 28 October, 2006 9:58 pm