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MzHalfCast OWC
New Member

OPORTiKi or POTAKAi Delaney WHANAU , Looking for any one with information for any two of these whanau's..

Ive been trying t o peice together my grandmothers history.. not much luck so far , She was "adopted " out of NZ when she was 7 after her mother passed away when she was 4 and she had a polish father his name was efie and he moved to sydney AUS when my Grandmother, whose name on her birth cirtificate says SUSANNE DELANEY, was 5 when she was 7 her father left her at an orphanige in sydney, where she grew up a horrible childhood with catholic nuns, she was pretty much forced to do everything the white kids didnt have to do , wash toilets, dishers, etc . she grew up australian but when she was 18 she tried to find her fmaily again, her dad had died by then, but she did have a sister and cousins is Nz, with the last name delaney and oportiki so she says , in a letter she wrote to me 3 weeks befor she died, march2006 , she knew i would be the only one in my family interested in finding out about my and her history so she gave me as much information she could, My dad doesnt really like me trying to find out about my history he says i will just get hurt and be dissapointed , but for my grandmother i want to find out anything possible, i do not even know what iwi she was from or her mother , Her mother , was from "up north" NZ ( so she says) . If any one;s grandparents know any oportiki familys or delaney familys from Kaitaia , possbly even further north , could you please give me some information on this whanau. its a part of my history i wanna know about a bit more, its like an unfinished book, or story i just need closure i guess. i know about my australian/greek side , now i just have a longing to find out about the maori side.ANY help would be appriciated , any at all THANKSSS mwah !
Ka kite !

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Posted : 16 February, 2008 11:00 pm