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PAEROA, Violet  

stubbornforgey OWC
Active Member

Where are you girlfreind...
Can anyone help me find my very very best freind .
We both went to Auckland Girls Grammar and she lived a street away from me in Kingsland.
I had to leave at the end of 74 cos i thought i was getting fat but in actual fact i was hapu and lost contact of her since.I have been trying to find her ever since.
My last sighting of Violet was in 75 when she was walking home from school along Karangahape road..i was in a taxi.
My name then was Katrina Diaz.
I have never forgotten her .
I did once find an address in pendergrast,Mangere in 89.
If anyone can help me ..i would be overly grateful..i will teach u how to cook choccie covered noodles
Thank you

Posted : 29 September, 2005 2:14 pm
stubbornforgey OWC
Active Member

I was just thinking that after all these years ..some poor bugga would of married her..
I have almost exhausted all avenues and was hoping that this site would lead me to her.
I made a promise to her back in 74 that I would stop at nothing to find her, when i left...or should i say..got booted out of A.G.G.S..lol.
Anyone know who em talking about plz?

Posted : 30 September, 2005 6:51 am
stubbornforgey OWC
Active Member

soz !!
I want to keep this on the front page just in case..
em not going to give up untill i find her or at least somebody thats either related to that name.
I know (if memory serves me) she had 2 brothers..but dont quote me on that.We were in 3g and 4g together at auckland girls grammar.
kia ora

Posted : 02 October, 2005 8:38 am
Eminent Member

Have you tried www.Old.Friends.co.nz or www.Genesreunited.co.nz? -if you cant find her name there leave a message under "Lost and Found"
There may even be photos of your class available.
Good luck with your search.

Posted : 02 October, 2005 5:02 pm
stubbornforgey OWC
Active Member

yes...i have been there thnx.

Posted : 03 October, 2005 7:53 am