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Trying to find contact details for my cousin Margaret (nee Maxwell)who was born at Whakatane. Her mother was Hinemoa Patuwai and father the late Tom Maxwell. Someone I had earlier contact through this site had stayed with Margaret and her children in Sydney in the 70s. Sorry but I have lost your contact details. I am inquiring on behalf of our Maxwell whanau who are trying to contact Margaret in order to inform her of what is happening regarding the family property at Clevedon in which she is a shareholder.
Thanks Joy

Posted : 14 November, 2005 2:54 am
Active Member

Kia Ora Joy-its me 'Beny'.I got your last email you sent me regaurding Tamaki Maxwell and I've sent the same reply twice,but for some strange reason it comes back saying "unsent-delayed response",I'll try again later.Cheers!

Posted : 17 November, 2005 8:59 am
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Hi ya Beny, Ive been wondering where youd got to. was about to send out a search party -I had visons of you enjoying yourselves in the Islands but then realized its cyclone season. Seriously I had thought of e-mailing Tracy to see if she knew where you'd got to just in case you were in toe-rags.
As to Tamaki its always nice to meet another rellie isnt it, even if its just online.
It looks more and more likely that Tamaki was somehow connected to Pirihira a son or grandson. Im sure we will find the missing link or info sooner or later.
Keep trying to send your e-mail and if it doesnt come through eventually then you can get me through here or Maxwell forum. New posts there which will interest you to -till later Joy

Posted : 17 November, 2005 9:12 am