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POPATA, Peter - did anyone know him???  

jklm OWC
New Member

Hi just wondering if any one here has ANY details on my father, Peter Lewis Popata, born 1945, he died in 1985, photos or memories - good or bad - would be appreciated. I don't know much about his past, I was only 4 when he died and I am unfortunatly not close to any of his family. His mother is Mei Paratini-Hinga-Popata, any information on her or that particular family (sisters and brothers)would be appreciated also. Would love to hear from any one.

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Posted : 21 June, 2005 3:43 pm
Active Member

Hi Jklm,
My name is Leah Williams and the 'Popata's are closely related to my fathers family - 'Takinui/Williams'. The Popatas that we are related to, are from the Oturu Marae. If you jump onto the OldFriends Website - www.oldfriends.nz.co and do a search for the Oturu Marae, there are a couple of Popatas' in there that you can contact and ask questions. You can email me for more info if you like. If you look in the Paparore School in the Northland, in the Oldfriends website, you can have a look at a couple of school photos. My Uncle Wiki Popata is in the 1938 class photo. Goodluck with your search.

Posted : 21 June, 2005 4:03 pm
witewhiu OWC
Active Member

Teena koejklm,if you like in the phone book for a kaumatua called Jim Te Tuhi in Clean St Te Kopuru,Dargaville.He could also help you with your search.Or refer you to other local kaumaatua from that area.

Posted : 21 June, 2005 5:08 pm
hinga OWC
New Member

information regarding Peter Popata, my first cousin e-mail me on greenhams@paradise.net.nz.

Posted : 25 March, 2006 8:13 pm