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iakoba OWC
Active Member

Kia Ora Koutou Kene PUTERE or PURUA is my great grandfather, Andrew Wetere KENNY (pakeha word for Kene) is my grandfather, Mere RIPI is my mother and I am Yvonne Andrea TIANANGA. Kenes Parents are as stated in the subject line. I have minimal but vivid memories of my great grandfather very old, very frail and slow but had his faculties all in place.

He had one brother:

Matetu PUTERE or PURUA who married Tamirangi TE KARE and I believe they had one child who the adopted, Jimmy AHU

and two sisters:

Noho PUTERE or PURUA who married Te Kai Makariri WIRIHANA or WILSON and they had seven children: Rotana, Tamati Te Kai, Te Whero, Nekeneke, Hone or Hare, Potae, Rewi or Tewi

Kapo PUTERE or PURUA who married a TE IKI (I do not know his given name, I only have the surname)and they had four children Pare, Te Whakahau, Moari or Maori and Noki

Kene PUTERE or PURUA (my great grandfather)and his wife was Tiini Wetere TE PAKI and they had twelve children: Kerei, Tiini, Sarah(Hera), Rangirerewai,Wehe (Katie), Patrick Norman, Andrew Wetere, Ngohi, Charlotte, Te Waina, Paki Buck and one other child still to be found.

I have extracted most of the missing links through the Maori Land Court records and through korero whanau etc, so if any whanau feel some of the information maybe wrong aroha mai - feel free to contact me to make the wrong right. For me having whakapapa with integrity is important so please correct me.

What I would like is, if possible is for whanau of the above descendants to korero to me so that I can keep adding to the family tree, as much as it is to acknowledge and remember our ancestors we also need to record the present generations so that it can be preserved for the future - bit of a mammoth task but worth the while for our tamariki mokopuna.

I also just want to acknowledge the Maori Land Court for giving us access to the records its helped heaps. I am however, as most of us tend to, have hit a brick wall - I am unable to go beyond PUTERE or PURUA but somehow I feel the names Te Karaha TE WHAITI, Te Apa TE WHAITI, Rangikataka TE WHAITI and Te Whaiti WETERE have something to do with. This assumption comes from researching and studying out the records held by the Maori Land Court very interesting and a challenge. If anyone out there is able to help this would be much appreciated. Sorry for the long saga.

Posted : 11 September, 2006 11:22 pm