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Rev Apirana Ngata MAHUIKA and Te Hamana MAHUIKA  

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Kia ora whanau.

All this information was extracted from Te Ao Hou magazine and most, if not all, is mainly on Rev Apirana Ngata MAHUIKA and Te Hamana MAHUIKA.

1..When you click on the site and you are actually on the page.
2.. Press the cntrl key and the F key together.
3.. A little box appears on the screen.
4.. Type the name MAHUIKA in the box.
5.. Click on search.
6.. Click on next to see if there is anymore information for mahuika.

Mr Hamana Mahuika of Ruatoria has received the O.B.E. in the Queen's Birthday Honours this year.
Mr Mahuika has given long service to the education and welfare of his people. He is a member of the Ngata College Committee of Management, being the representative of the Horouta Tribal Executive.

The Rev. A. T. K. Mahuika, who has just completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at Auckland University, left for Australia in February to spend a year at Moore Theological College in Sydney. Mr Mahuika, who comes from Ruatoria, this year completed his term of service as chaplain at St Stephen's School, Bombay, Auckland.
The scholarship he has been awarded was established by members of an Australian Anglican parish to mark the 150th anniversary of Marsden's first visit to New Zealand.

Views on the Office of Bishop of Aotearoa
An item of some interest to the Maori Anglican population since the news of Bishop Panapa's resignation is, of course, his successor.
Heading the list of likely candidates by virtue of seniority are the four Maori Canons, Canon S. Rangiihu of Te Whakatohea, Canon J. Tamahori of Ngati Porou, Canon Wi Huata of Kahungunu and Canon H. Taepa of Te Arawa. In a recent article in Te Kaunihera Maori, December issue. A. Mahuika argues that academic qualifications, confidence and ability in Maoritanga, and international experience are important prerequisites for eligibility for the office.
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Proposals to amend Prescriptions in University Entrance, Bursaries and Scholarships

1. Āpirana: Ko Āpirana Mahuika tēnei
2. Koro: Ko Te Kapunga Dewes a Koro
3. Nēpia: Ko Nēpia Mahuika
4. kaitā = nunui.

Waikato Visit to the East Coast
by Kiri Haira
A recent visit to the East Coast by Te Ata-i-rangi-kaahu, Ariki Tapairu of Waikato, took place at Ruatoria on 5–7 January. The visitors were received by leading elders of Ngati Porou—Messrs H. T. (Arnold) Reedy, H. Mahuika, T. Tamepo, H. K. Ngata and a number of others, and were supported by about 300 people.

Some of the people who gathered at Tikitiki last May for the annual reunion of Maori World War I ex-servicemen. Their reunion coincided with the visit to Tikitiki of the Governor-General, Sir Bernard Fergusson, and Lady Fergusson, who recently toured the Bay of Plenty and the East Coast, visiting a great number of communities. Sir Bernard was given a ceremonial welcome by Mr Hamana Mahuika and Mr H. T. Reedy on behalf of Ngatiporou, and a service, conducted by the Rev. T. Kaa, was held in the Tikitiki Church. More than 400 people were present for the occasion.

Rev. Apirana Ngata Mahuika, great nephew of the late Sir Apirana Ngata, has been appointed assistant to Archdeacon P. Tipene at Kawakawa. As Mr Mahuika senior said at the inauguration ceremony: “Now a Ngati Porou will take Christianity to the Ngapuhi.”

The welcome hakas were performed by schoolchildren from the Ruatoria and Tikitiki Schools, and followed with a spirited haka led by Pine Taiapa, and composed by the late Sir Apirana Ngata in honour of Lord Bledisloe for the great hui at Waitangi in 1934.
Of particular interest, this fine haka, besides recalling one of the great moments in the life of Sir Apirana, was intended as a handsome compliment to the Prime Minister, who was the chief guest of the hui. The welcome speeches for the Ngati-Porou were recited by Hamana Mahuika, Arnold Reedy and Pahau Milner (deputising for Hone Ngata, who was in ill health). Turi Carroll spoke for Ngati-Kuhungunu and Rei Vercoe for Te Arawa. Mr T. Omana, M.P., and Mr H. Dudfield, M.P., also delivered speeches.

Ko nga whaikorero a Ngatiporou manaaki i te ope o Te Pirimia i a Te Hamana Mahuika, i a Nehe Rire, i a Pahau Mirina ko te kaumatua ko Hone Ngata na te mate ka ngaro. Ko Turi Kara te kaikorero mo Ngati-Kahungunu me ona rerenga, ko Te Reiwhati Vercoe mo Te Arawa a ko Tiaki Omana raua ko Mr H. Dudfield mo nga rohe o raua ana pooti. Kotahi tonu te rangi o te korero he tangi he mihi ki to ratou kaumatua ki a Apirana, nana i whakarata te Pakeha. I puta nga korero mo ana mahi ahuwhenua i tipu atu i te riu o Waiapu koa hora ki nga iwi o te Motu, ki ona whare whakairo e tutu haere ra i nga marae o Ngatiporou a huri rauna te Motu, hei pupuri i nga taonga o nehera i te whakairo i te tukutuku, me ana mahi huhua noa atu i waiho ai a Ngatiporou hei tauira ma nga iwi o te Motu.

Maa te waa whanau.

Posted : 07 February, 2007 7:08 pm