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ROBINSON, George (Teoki)  

Adele Earnshaw OWC
New Member

My great great grandmother was Elizabeth Selina BOCKMANN. She used various surnames included LANGE, HARWOOD, HINES or HINZ.

Elizabeth lived in Little River (Waiwera?) and had a 'union' with George ROBINSON CLOUGH (Teoki) that is documented in the Ngai Tahu records. I have heard that Teoki was father to several of her 22 children, including 2 daughters, Sophie and Louise. I'm not sure who was the father of my great grandmother, Mary Ann Harwood, the second child born to Elizabeth Selina BOCKMANN. In some records, the father is left blank and in others it lists John HARWOOD. She was unmarried at the time.

I would like to fill in the missing pieces and find family descended from Elizabeth Selina and Teoki.

Many thanks.

Posted : 27 May, 2007 7:09 am
Active Member


Teoki is a miss spelling.It is Teoti
George timothy Robinson Clough is the younger brother of Abner ( amura) Robinson Clough, my ggg grandfather.
It would be usefull in your search to note that George and his descendants dropped the name clough to retain robinson,Or in some records the maori version Rapatini ( Abner dropped the robinson to retain the clough, no one really knows why ). Robinson in still a common name on banks penninsula, where wairewa is situated. There is a massive mural of george in the okains bay museum as well as some other memorabilia i beleive.
Your gran seems like a bit of a hard case with all those kids.....wow!
Any other specific questions, drop me a line.


Posted : 28 May, 2007 4:12 pm
Kimihia OWC
New Member

Kia ora,

Ropatini is the correct spelling. As says his gg grandson son.

kia kaha
na Kimi

Posted : 17 January, 2008 5:36 pm