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Search for Descendants - Former Puketotara Blk, Bay of Islands  

iraboyd@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

Former Puketotara Blk/ Bay of Islands. Te Waimate – Taiamai Claims Alliance
For Waitangi Tribunal claims previous notifications of Tupuna
drew limited response. There are no identified contacts or
whanau for the following Tupuna.
Listed from A – K (due to space restrictions not all names
could be listed):

Surname, First Name

Eparaima, Hena
Eparaima, Mata
Eparaima, Mihiterina
Eru, Heta
Eruera, Waipa
Eruera, Te Mahia
Horomona, Rauihi
Horomona, Te Ruri
Heke, Keti Pati
Heke, Harepene
Heke, Turei
Hemara, Komene
Hemara, Ema Komene
Hotorene, Ihipera Kaipo
Hotorene, Tareha
Hei hei, Hotorene
Hei hei, Mitai
Hei hei, Tarawau
Hei hei, Wiremu
Hei hei, Teri
Haimona, Hone
Haimona, Peita
Haratiera, Niki
Haratiera, Marae
Heremaia, Naru
Himiona, Tauora
Himiona, Tahu
Hare, Maiki
Heta, Eru
Hui, Ihaka
Horiana, Hira Te Karu
Haora, Ngapaea Wiremu
Hetaraka, Mihaka
Ihaka, Hana
Itimara, Ani
Karaka, Ngaro
Karaka, Hakaraia
Karaka, Te Puaute
Karaka, Hone Pita

If anyone knows of these Tupuna or their descendants please post details to:

Puketotara, PO Box 4460, Kamo, Whangarei 0414, or
contact John Alexander 09-435-0260 or
email: remeka@ihug.co.nz
Taiamai, PO Box 4460, Kamo, Whangarei 0414 or
contact John Alexander 09-435-0260

Again bit of useful information.
Ma te waa whanau.

Posted : 11 December, 2006 1:33 pm