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TAHU, Hone Te Tana and WALKER/WAAKA, Lena or Rina  

dcroto OWC
Active Member

Looking for the parents of Mamaeroa Tahu age (65)born in Pukekohe. Mamaeroa Tahu has 7 Children named as follows: Carolynne Tahu-McNabb, Deraline Tahu, Wendy Tahu, Deidre Tahu, Janine Tahu-Poroa- Graham (Janine was adopted out to the Poroa family). Claudette Tahu-Smith and Dion Tahu (Adopted into the Tahu family). Mamaeroa may have a brother called Kawhena Tahu. We are looking for him as well.

We know of now surviving brothers and sisters except for Kawhena Tahu. My father Mamaeroa Tahu has other aliases - Jerry, Richard, John, Dick, Nikolai (Nickname when young)He has never used his real name, Mamaeroa. He is known by most as Jerry.

He was placed in an orphanage at birth. Somehow a lady by the name of Matetahora of Mangere took him in and took him to Princess Te Puea to be named. Hence this is where he got his name. She died and was we think buried in Ihumatao urupa. Mamaero was then moved to live with several families. One of the families was chinese and another was with an Aunty in Huntly when he was small. A woman who said she was his Aunty took him at the age of 13. Her name was Makareti Rua and her husband Koro Tui-(Tuwhakamaua)Rua. We believe our dad, Mamaeroa Tahu's parents possible died around the 1940's, we are not sure. He is a very sick man at the moment and we are urgently trying to at least find something to link our father with his birth parents. Headstones, birthdates any thing that can help us find Hone Te Tana Tahu or Hone Tahu te Tana (his father) and Lena Waaka/walker (his mother. Please help us if you can. You can contact me directly
Carolynne Tahu-McNabb email: carol.mcn@xtra.co.nz or
my sister Deraline Tahu email: deraline@xtra.co.nz

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Posted : 01 October, 2005 4:49 pm
Eminent Member

Kia ora dcroto,
The names you are referring to sound very similar to the names in the RANDALL post by Sheree.

peaceful regard

Posted : 02 October, 2005 1:07 am