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Te Waipounamu Tupuna  

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Kia ora whanau,
This old information below was taken from ‘Kokiri Patae, February, 2001'. Could be some whanau in here that you are researching.

The Mäori Trustee is holding substantial funds on behalf of many clients whose addresses are unknown.
The following is a selection of some of those with Te Waipounamu (South Island) interests.
The Mäori Trustee would be grateful for any information that would enable contact to be made with these people or, in the event they are now deceased, their next of kin.

Ruiha Moenana -1222296 - An owner in Alton Block 4 Section 7.
Hara Moerana Hohaia Tuatakihine – 1222298 - An owner in Alton Block 4 Section 7.
Tutehounuku Nohomutu - 1219255 - An original owner in Rowallan Block 2 Section 6.
Mowika Mapu – 1217086 - An owner in Alton Block 4 Section 5.
Tararika Tahua - 1218000 - An owner in Rowallan Block 3 Section 10 and
Kaiapoi 154.
Elsie Irene Tierney - 1206503 - An owner in Alton Block 4 Section 9 and Hawkesbury Block 4 Section 69. Previously lived in Palmerston North and Otaki.
Ani Rameka - 1200024 - A former owner in Parapara 193 and Takaka 3B/G.
Received interests from Iti Rameka and lived in Auckland and Whangarei. Had a son Potaka Taniwha and a daughter Matekino Anderson.
Leslie Allan Brown - 1205417 - An owner in Alton Block 4 Section 8, Alton Block 5 Section 4 and Rapaki Section 1A2B. Previously lived
in Wellington, possibly moved to Australia. Aged about 50.

If you have any information on any of these people please contact:

Ma te waa Te Waipounamu whanau.

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Posted : 19 December, 2006 7:47 pm