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renza OWC
New Member

I would like to get to know the TeAho whanau, my dads fathers name ( Snowy TeAho) I have no knowledge about him or even if he still alive? He is my Grandfather, i would like to know if i have any aunties, uncles, who may be dads half brothers and sisters, and also if i have cousins? Please leave a message if you know of the TeAho whanau, thankyou,

Posted : 04 November, 2007 12:02 pm
Aubry OWC
Active Member

You need to go to Bridge Pa Hastings, Mohaka near Wairoa and Gisborne

Posted : 24 December, 2007 2:41 pm
Active Member

Kia Ora RENZA,your whanau hail from the Mohaka/Bridge Pa area.[Wairoa/Hastings].Your nana Snowy has been in heaven for a while now and i think? they plan on commemerating his anniversary in december 2008?Your nana-maa has just moved back to Hastings this year,i dont know of her details yet until i go for a visit. One of your nanas daughters still lives in Bridge Pa today.But the rest live down in the Waikato,Tauwhare to be exact Renza.You have a whanau to be proud of down here,they'er really upstanding people in the Tauwhare community because of there contributions in kai mahi/crafts/ sports/whanau support/fundraising etc.You nana has 2 sons & 3 daughters in Tauwhare,a son & daughter in Hamilton,and a few more out and about.This is as much as im going to share with you right now,if you want me to get more detailed about your whanau you need to reply and give me a bit more on yourself so i dont misinterpret what you want to pass on to them if thats alright with you.Look foward to your reply Renza,til then,HAPPY NEW YEAR from your whanau.much luv

Posted : 28 December, 2007 4:07 pm