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Tini HAU & Miraka AKUHATA whanau  

Eminent Member

Kia ora whanau,

My dad’s Great Nanny and Papa: Rika HAU and Mere ?
If anyone can confirm the surname for me for Mere that would be greatly appreciated.

My dad’s papa and nanny: Tini HAU and Miraka AKUHATA.
So I guess we are related to the Akuhata whanau through my nan.

My dad’s mum and dad: Merata Tinihau and William James Boyd.

Merata Tinihau or Pute or Putare Tinihau (my nan) had my dad, Broderick Eugene Thurston Boyd, who was raised in Kaikohe, Moerewa rohe. Am not sure if my dad was whangai’d out or what? He left far North when he was about 15, so I am told. My whanau up north called him Pakeha, cos he was really fair. He was also known as Boydie. My dad had a brother, Uncle Noel who lives in Australia and has for most of his life.

When my dad passed away, some of his whanau from up north came down to Hastings for his tangi and bought with them some beautiful photo’s of my dad. Unfortunately, someone else needed them more than us!

As far as I am aware these two are the only children to my nan, but if anyone can add to this it would be truly appreciated. Actually any info will be appreciated, eg: our haapu, marae, maunga etc, would be just awesome.

My dad died bout 25 years ago yet it only seems like yesterday we buried him.

Arohamai whanau.

Posted : 18 February, 2007 4:40 pm