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TITOKO Whanau : Anyone know where this whanau originates from?  

Kaye-Kaye OWC
Active Member

All I know is that Taruke Titoko is of Ngai Tuhoe descent who married Tamehana and had Wiri who married Whakaahu who had Henare Titoko and married Tui Cairns who begat my grandfather Henry. My grandfather lived in a four post tent at the back of Matahi. Not sure if this is where we are from or whether they just lived there for a while. Not even sure of a hapu name only that Koro Henry went to Waimana primary school with some Wharekura whanau.

Posted : 06 December, 2005 9:15 am
mauriora OWC
Active Member

tena koe Kaye kaye,

Yes I believe the Titoko whanau is from Matahi, Aunty Wahine works at the kohanga Papaohaki, she is a Titoko you may be able to ring her and get some awhina that you seek.

Hope this helps, aunty wahine will be the one to ring though.

Koinei to pepeha.

Ko Maungapohatu te Maunga
Ko Tauranga te Awa
Ko Matahi te Marae
Ko Ngai Tama te Hapu
Ko Tuhoe te Iwi

Aue, ka kite.

Posted : 27 December, 2005 9:27 pm
hearty nati OWC
Eminent Member

kia ora korua

yea i agree with mauriora, a few of my cousins who go to wharekura at ruatoki are titokos and they from around matahi/waimana

e mauriora, ka taea e koe te koorero maaori? meenaa aae,haramai ki te waahanga maa ngaa mea matatau.ki te kore koe e moohio me peehea raa te uru whakaroto,click ki runga ki a tooku ingoa,tirohia ooku posts kua whakairia keetia me rapua teetahi kai roto tonu i te reo rangatira.

haramai koa,inaa kua mimiti te puna koorero i te mea, tokowhaa/tokorima pea oo taatou e haere ki reira,koorerorero ai.

meenaa ka taea e koe te moohio he aha taaku nei e koorerohia,ka taea tonutia e koe te hono mai ki a te waaahanga reo rangatira.

kia ora,e te uri no te kohu

Posted : 28 December, 2005 10:16 am
Kaye-Kaye OWC
Active Member

Thank you very much for your replies!

Arohamai Hearty Nati for your reply but alas this kotiro was told to excellerate in the Pakeha World as my father put it and was never taught the reo after i started to school! When I had my daughter Kimiora Te Uru Peeke I felt a need to search my roots. My father told me my mum had been away from the East Coast for sometime now and was fretting for a piece of home so he took her back to Waimana and spoke to an old guy called Jim? at the Waimana Store and he told mum about her Fathers whanau and that Koro Henry or Henare to some was a regular customer. Dad did not attempt to take Mum up to Matahi she was satified with what she was told and they left! That was back in the early 70's

Last year we buried a very good work mate of the whanau we took her back to Tatai a Hape where i found out that she went to school with my Koro!
My Mum described the road and it seemed like nothing had change.
We went to end of the road crossed the bridge and then something told me that that was as far as i would go and we turned around and returned to the marae!
I have found this part of my Whakapapa to be the most challenging simply because my whanau know very little and were raised on my Grandmothers side. My mother is the eldest child and my sister and i are the eldest mokopuna of many and feel it would be something we as the elder ones should do for the younger cuzzies. So they are not so lost as they carry the Titoko name!

Once again Thank you for your tautoko!
Much appreciated!!

Posted : 06 January, 2006 12:17 pm