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TRAUTVETTER, Wayne Looking for my Dad  

becstar OWC
Active Member

Hi, im trying to find my biological father and some of the info ive been given is that his name is Wayne, his fathers name is Earl, Wayne has lost his right hand from the wrist he may have a brother Steven and a sister name unknown he lived in Gympie QLD Australia were i was born and worked for Nolans meat works for a number of years and my date of birth is 2/5/81 if anyone can help me out i would be so greatfull, i would like my father to meet his grandaughter, cheers

Edited by - becstar on Mar 12 2007 12:45:57 PM

Posted : 11 March, 2007 9:15 am
kuri OWC
Active Member

Hi becstar;

Have you tried searching the Electoral rolls?

Have you been to Gympie and checked out the local Family/Local History Society, in particular ask about the Meatworkers, there is likely to be someone around who knew the family or even your Dad?

Check the local newspaper archives there, ther might be clues about family members ...weddings births and deaths. Even ring the local shire offices and talk to someone from Parks and Gardens in regard to cemetaries, morbid I know but it is a possibility you may find a clue there.

I hope it helps you get somewhere and no doubt you have tried most of these already, goodluck at least the surname is unique and that should pull something up for you.

Also it is worth checking in the Rockhampton area as their is a large meatworks there...so check out the electoral roll in that area.

Goodluck, I hope you all find each other soon.

Posted : 27 March, 2007 4:21 pm
becstar OWC
Active Member

Thanks for your reply, but i lived in gympie for 24 years, i know for a fact that he is in new zealand somewhere, i have been told from his neice that he has been around but none of his family have seen him (there is a posability that he has moved interstate, im just eleminating new zealand.


Posted : 29 March, 2007 3:33 pm
Active Member

kiaora...i know a Mike Trautvetter..it is an usual name he is more than likely related.If you want to contact me i will give you some phone numbers for him. My email is kiwiblitz@hotmail.com

Posted : 26 May, 2007 4:07 pm