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Unclaimed Land Monies for EDWARDS whanau.  

iraboyd@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

Kia ora whanau,

Here is a list of the Edwards whanau who have unclaimed land monies:
Waiariki 1641096-00 Amo Edwards $ 333.64
Aotea 1737980-00 Arapata Joe Edwards $ 1,032.19
Waiariki 1656838-00 Betty Edwards $ 370.04
Tairawhiti 1348675-00 Clinton Edwards $ 407.94
Taitokerau 1844600-00 David Edwards $ 7,455.63
Aotea 1747012-00 Dawn Pungarehu Edwards $ 608.09
Waiariki 1659166-00 Emma Moeke Edwards $ 424.99
Waikato-Maniapoto 1464179-00 George Pikia Edwards $ 608.69
Waikato-Maniapoto 1456017-00 Hakiaha Edwards $ 830.93
Tairawhiti 1305503-00 Helen Edwards $ 929.68
Takitimu 1501905-00 Helen Edwards $ 592.78
Tairawhiti 1321251-00 Hera Heni Edwards $ 714.80
Aotea 1747011-00 Hineatawhai Stephanie Edwards $ 608.09
Aotea 1724720-00 Hirita Ruma Edwards $ 1,435.51
Tairawhiti 1330841-00 Hori Edwards $ 308.41
Waiariki 1609960-00 James Edwards $ 587.65
Taitokerau 1824565-00 James Sidney Edwards $ 510.36
Tairawhiti 1334501-00 Jennifer Lee Edwards $ 477.83
Aotea 1741747-00 Lorene Edwards $ 951.70
Takitimu 1525429-00 Lorene Maria Edwards $ 679.63
Tairawhiti 1307205-00 Mary Edwards $ 592.60
Tairawhiti 1315167-00 Merehira Edwards $ 536.60
Tairawhiti 1356723-00 Ngarangi Papakura Edwards $ 313.76
Waiariki 1617849-00 Nito Margaret Edwards $ 497.35
Waikato-Maniapoto 1460056-00 Ramarihi Ruby Edwards $ 655.56
Waiariki 1619473-00 Rarua Edwards $ 1,446.30
Waiariki 1619926-00 Robert Edwards $ 1,003.97
Te Waipounamu 1222425-00 Toria Te Kakau Edwards $ 2,000.71
Waikato-Maniapoto 1436966-00 Waka Edwards $ 457.33
Tairawhiti 1348220-00 Wi Pere Edwards $ 1,318.36

1. If you see your own name please complete the response form available or contact one of our offices and an “Identity Form” will be sent to you. This will assist us to confirm your identity to enable the funds to be paid out;
2. If you see the name of someone you know (and whose address you
know) please complete the response form available or contact one of our
offices and the appropriate forms will be sent to them;
3. If you see the name of someone who is deceased and you believe that you are entitled to succeed to that person, please contact the Māori Land Court who will be able to assist you (you may also advise us on the response form available);
4. If you see the name of someone who is deceased and you know of
others who may be entitled to succeed to that person, please contact
the potential successors and ask them to contact the Māori Land Court for advice on succession (you may also advise us on the form available).
Any unclaimed money which is contained in this list or has at any time been contained in a previous list may still be claimed by the person(s) entitled to that money.
J E Paki
Māori Trustee
Māori Trust Office

Te Puni Kōkiri House
143 Lambton Quay
P O Box 5038
Ph: 04-922-9200
Fax: 04-922-9210
e-mail: maori.trust@tpk.govt.nz

Ma te waa whanau.

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Posted : 13 January, 2007 9:03 pm