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jodeci OWC
New Member

I'm trying to find my grandfather's marae he's from Wanganui his name is
Tautoko Henere brother ot Bella Clark and Dave Henere(the singer)

Posted : 24 August, 2005 5:42 pm
Teremoana OWC
Active Member

Tena koe Jodeci,
He mihi o te ra ki a koe.
My name is Teremoana and I am from Pipiriki, Whanganui. I am also related to the Henare whanau. My grandfather is a Henare well actually his name is Henare Keremeneta and because Tauiwi couldn't say his last name the used his first name as his last name so all the whanau in Whanganui who are Henare are also actually Keremeneta. Koro Henare was an Anglican minister from Te Ao Marama which is about a mile above Pipiriki. All the Henare whanau come from Pipiriki. The marae where Koro comes from is called Ohinemutu, and the name of the wharepuni is Te Ao Marama. Everyone calls the marae Te Ao Marama but that is really the name of our meeting house. Now Ohinemutu is mile above Pipiriki. In Pipiriki itself there is Paraweka Marae which is on the road side of the river and on the opp side of the river opp the boat ramp is a very old marae called Te Pooti and that's where my family come from also from Ohinemutu and Paraweka but Te Pooti is our famili's turangawaewae. The Iwi for up around the middle reaches of the river is Ngati Kurawhatia and Ngati Ruru. Kurawhatia was a chief from Rotorua who was taken captive with another chief. My nanny fell in love with Kurawhatia and married him, so to give him back his mana they gave him Pipiriki and that is where our hapu name comes from. Kurawhatia is a mokopuna of Tutanekai and Hinemoa from Rotorua.
At the moment I am living in Alice Springs, Australia and I've been here for 4 yrs now. I will leave you my name and address and my mobile number. It's no good trying to ring on my landline cause I'm never home.

Ms Teremoana Davey,
4/56 Bradshaw Drive,
Alice Springs,
NT 0870,

PH; 0061 413500

Our whanau name is Tuirirangi all the whanau around Pipiriki are the Henare, Tuirirangi, Rerekura, Meireikura, Ponga, Te Huia and there are others. I hope I've been a bit of help for you and you are more than welcome to contact me anytime regarding our whanau. Take care and I hope you find what you are looking for.

'Ma te Atua e manaaki me tiaki i a koe'

Heoi ano,
Naku noa,
Na Teremoana

Posted : 21 September, 2005 5:53 pm
ngas OWC
Active Member

Kia ora my name is Ngawai Te Huia and i live in Perth my great grandperents are johnny and kuao Te Huia my grandparents are bill and pearl Te Huia my grandmother is also living in perth my cell phone number is 0420215825 if you have any questions about the family can give you my grandmothers number and she can help you

Posted : 08 October, 2006 7:57 pm
janice tanerau OWC
Active Member

Kia ora Terry,
sorry this is completely off the taki yous are on but just wanted to say that i have your address and when i get the time i will send some photos of my girls to you.
Going back to the Pa for xmas, my dads and sisters unveiling xmas day also....going back to norway end of Febuary.
will catch up my friend.
hugs and cuddles from us all.

Posted : 09 October, 2006 6:50 pm
teurumanao OWC
New Member

Tena koe Jodeci

Its good your whanau have found you through this site, Teremoana provided awesome korero for you. If you want to become more informed about your Whanganuitanga you can check out www.wrmtb.co.nz also Whanganui have an annual wananga down the river starting 5 January every year its an awesome way to learn about your whakapapa and whenua.

Nancy Tuaine

Posted : 28 December, 2006 7:38 pm