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anelouisa OWC
New Member

KIA ORA, I'm looking for information about my whanau on my dad's side which is WHAREPAPA. My dad's name is RONGOMAI(ringo)ROGER married to ENID of AWAHOU. My koro is HAIMONA(jack) married to RIPEKA(ruby) ROTORANGI . My grandparents are buried at OTARAMARAE URUPA, they had 10 boys & 3 girls as far as i know are peter(da-da),tawari(wally),alec,pare,jacki,whiti,tommy,harry,martin,karetai(joni),linda & adrienne, some of our uncles have passed on and are buried around lake Rotorua. Dad is buried at AWAHOU URUPA.
If anyone can help me i'd be very thankful, I'm the eldest of 5, my name is shirley,my sis' are jaki,jessi,trisha & bro roger(bossie)we were brought up knowing more of my mum's side don't really know about dad's, don't know many of our cousin's either Even the smallest info means alot.....KIA ORA!!!!

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Posted : 28 December, 2006 1:38 pm
apaznuiz OWC
Active Member

Hi there,

If you use the ascending format on this, and go to page 53, you will find another person called Jezz also looking for the same whanau. She says that Rongo, is her dad also, You will probably find what you are looking for there.

Kia ora

Posted : 30 December, 2006 8:19 am