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01 February, 2018 6:35 pm  

Joan te-arohanui-o-ngariki Harris of Taranaki....what we know Joan married Frederick Joseph Seed 1947 New Zealand Joan sadly passed away in New Plymouth - 1952  at very young age of 22                                                        I believe Joan was William (Toka) David HARRIS sister. Toka also married my mother 10 Mar 1984 being my stepfather. Both have now passed.

I would be most grateful if anyone has more info and would like share with me about Joan and Toka's family




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03 February, 2018 11:02 pm  

For the above if anyone has even just a little they can tell me about my extended family

please Email me alfaywa@gmail.com


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04 February, 2018 12:21 pm  

Kia ora @lostwaka,

If you go to the Create a Google Whakapapa Search and put Toka in the first name and Harris in the last name then create the searches and choose the Family Search site link, you will find a couple of records for Toka Harris with the following info:

William David / Harris [Toka]

Birth: 19 Aug 1921, Opunake, Taranaki
Death: 14 May 1993, New Plymouth, Taranaki,
Burial: Parihaka Pa, Pungarehu
Marriage: 10 March 1984
Now if we do the same for Joan Harris we will find the following record
Joan Arhanui O Ngariki Harris - note the typo - this is why we search for one first name only 🙂
Birth: New Plymouth, Taranaki
Death: 2 February 1952, New Plymouth, Taranaki
Burial: 5 February 1952, New Plymouth, Taranaki
Now if Joan and Toka are brother and sister then you will have a bit more info on the records for Joan as the  parents for her are named.
Father: Koro Harris
Mother: Mary Tamihana - birth Pukehoke -  death New Plymouth, about 1985

Doing a search for Mary Tamihana at the family search site we find another record which has her father:
Kingi Parau Plow Thompson Tamihana - Birth Waikato -  Death About 1969, Opunake

You maybe able to contact the person who put the records up - I am not sure how to do that.

Next we can go to  http://www.newplymouthnz.com/Residents/Facilities-and-Services/Cemeteries-and-Crematorium/Cemetery-Search and do a search for Joan Seed and we will find that she is buried in Te Henui cemetery and that record shows her last address - her stone may have other info if you have not already checked that out.

There are a few Mary Harris records for the death period 1968 - 1970 but you would have to probably visit the urupa to see if there are details on the stone that would help you work out if they are the Mary Tamihana.

I couldn't find a burial record for Kingi Tamihana in either the Taranaki cemetery search or the Auckland City Council search (they look after the Pukekohe urupa so I checked there in case he went home).  There may be re

Hopefully this will help you get a bit more info together, but you must remember that not all of the info in the FamilySearch site is accurate which is why you have to cross check everything you find there 🙂

You could also post in  http://www.whakapapaclub.nz/forum/iwi-hapu-and-marae/what-iwi-hapu-area-place-urupa-listings-would-you-like-added/ asking for Taranaki listings as the Whakapapa Club are currently adding records from all that they have that are not up yet.

Post here if you find any other info or want anything clarified or any other ideas of where to look.

Good luck!

Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!