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HOHAIA, Matekino rai or COOK whanau looking for my Nanz whakapapa.  


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26 April, 2013 2:19 pm  

Tena koutou whanau, I'm looking for my nanz whakapapa?
My nanz name was Matekino Rai Hohaia, she was born in Taheke, Northland she actually thought she was a COOK (whanau) her whole life until she ordered her birth certificate, her Father was Rai Hohaia but I dont know her mothers name, she was a dark skinned lady with beautiful green eyes, she married a man named Peter Riley and then she was known as Matilda Riley and moved down to Picton in the South Island, they had a couple of kids the eldest son was Whangai to the Ngapera Whanau his name is Richard and the others that i know of are Sue, John (my dad), Peter, Roseanne, Raymond, and Margaret. I think she was raised up in the Far North on Puha road somewhere I dont know Why? or when she left the North but I dont think she ever returned which is sad for me, as my nanz buried down the South Island and we always travel up north as my mums whanau is from the HOKIANGA , MOTUKARAKA, the Harris and Ngapera whanau, if anyone knows anything my number is 0211326068 my name is DAN or email menazndanz@gmail.com kia ora koutou whanau much luv.

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11 May, 2013 8:46 pm  

Tena koe e Dan,

This is my son's tupuna I'm about to recite to you as follows:

Ko Ruka te Korakora ka moe i a Kataraina Hiri
Ka puta mai a Taa Ruka
Ko Taa Ruka ka moe i a Riripeti Taupaki Katete (Cassidy)
Ka puta mai a Hohua Ruka
Ko Hohua Ruka ka moe i a Ema McFarlane
Ka puta mai a Rihari (Dick) Ruka
Ko Rihari (Dick) Ruka ka moe i a Makere (Margaret) Haare
Ka puta mai a Donna (my ex)
Ko Donna ka moe i ahau
Ka puta mai a Hare (taku tamaiti).

.... now your nan's whakapapa as follows:

Ko Ruka te Korakora ka moe i a Kataraina Hiri
Ka puta mai a Ramarihi (alias: Kume) Ruka
Ko Ramarihi (alias: Kume) Ruka ka moe i a Hone Takerei Tawhai
Ka puta mai a Rangapu Takerei Tawhai
Ko Rangapu Takerei Tawhai ka moe i a Rai Hohaia
Ka puta mai a Manuera Rai Kuku (m)
Miruiti Rai Kuku (f)
Hera Rai Kuku (f)
Matekino Rai Kuku (tou Karani).

Ko Rai Hohaia he tama o Mihaka Hohaia.

Hope this helps Dan.

na Hohaia.

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14 May, 2013 9:14 pm  

tena koe e hoa, 1st of all my condolences to you and your whanau very sorry to hear of your losses, kia kaha! 2ndly thank you very much for this whakapapa you've given me i'm excited to find out more, but now i have somewhere to start which is great! I'm on this journey to learn the reo and find my roots on my nanz side so kiaora! I'm just a bit confused on where the KUKU name comes in? is this my nanz mumz side? arohamai....:)

Ngati Kuri
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24 May, 2013 9:29 am  

Is that the Marcellus Kuku line?