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Kingi Te Hira whanau  


Jess da best
New Member
Joined: 8 years ago
Posts: 2
24 January, 2013 8:51 am  

Kia Ora my name is Jessie Kaaho my maiden name is Kingi . My dad name is TiwaKingi but they called him darkie Tiwa was to hard to pronounce back in those days .My dad died in 1984 .My self I was born in Te Kawa my dad was born in Kawhia.As a child I remembered going to Te Kuiti a lot.Dad a sister Aunty Didi and a brother Uncle Charlie Uncle Fred and Uncle Stephen. like you we lost contact with the Kingi whanau when dad died.My cousin are Curry George and Buba girl . I'm not sure if we are related but it be bloody awesome if we are.I to always wanted a reunion with the Kingi's to but don't know where any of the buggers are if any one reads this I hope they get back to me pleas asap.My mum is still alive her name is Rahiri pounumu Kingi .Dad Marae is Kaputuhi. Hope your koro Te Hira is related to us Hope to hear from some one soon.kia Ora xxx

MY Whanau
Active Member
Joined: 9 years ago
Posts: 8
02 March, 2013 2:39 pm  

Kiaora Jess, the above are all my whanau as you are too, your aunt Didi is my grandmother and my mum is Loretta (girlie) sibling to Kari And Bubbagirl. Uncle Darkie's parents being Tiwa and Pare are buried in te kawa at the urupa across the road where kaputuhi stood (2nd Move) Kaputuhi is now is in Hangatiki upon the land of tiwa's father Kingi Te Mate and many other whanau names that connect us. i hope you do read this soon cos a Kingi reunion is coming up, Te Hira is eldest brother to Tiwa Kingi, one of four to Kingi's 1st wife Whiua, where is uncle Darkie buried? korero soon, jazz