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Old Photos  


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Joined: 9 years ago
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22 August, 2016 11:53 am  

Kia Ora

I am looking for the old photos of my koroua'S & kuias I am trying to search for relatives who might have a copy of the following

Ripoi Te Teira Taumataherea @ Ripoi Omipi & Ripoi Ormsby
Ngakoere Herewini @ Ngakoere Te Teira
Rauriki Ngawharau @ Titihuia Herewini Ngawharau
Hera Wairua Te Wheoro
Te Wheoro Te Wharepapapa
Kumeroa Te Kotuku
Te Teira Taumataherea
Ngawharau Herewini @ Hatana Herewini Ngawharau
Hune Peehi
Rangi Te Hune @ Rangi Pakaru
Hohaia Te Kauri @ Ngati Te Kauri
Tutanumia kiritapu @ Tutanumia Te Kotuku & Tutanumia Pita
Penetena Te Kauri
Ngaruhe Tuhirae
Irihapeti Te Haehae @ Pare Tuhonoa
Te Haehae Te Amo @ Enereta Hotene
Raukawa Matia @ Waikoura
Hairuha Te Kou

Be great to see what my tipuna look like

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01 November, 2016 7:51 pm  

Kia ora, I come down the Herewini Ngawharau @ Hera Wairau Te Wheoro line, I also would love any info or photos 🙂