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RUDOLPH, John (Jon) - searching for my father and sister  


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07 February, 2013 9:38 am  

My name is Lawri-Anne Rutherford and I am trying to reunite with my father (and sister). This has been quite difficult as I don't really know where to start with the little information that I have, there seems to be a few John Rudolph's around, so I'm hoping there is someone that can guide me in the right direction.

I meet him and his framily (his other daughter, my sister - Jamie, and wife - Elizabeth (I think, Jamies mother)) when I was 13 (20 years ago!), then I moved back to Australia and we lost contact. He is a Rudolph from up north, I think he is now in his early to mid 50's. From what I can remember I think is parents live on Waiheke Island? He has many brothers and sisters, I remember he telling me back when I was 13 that one of his sisters passed early and it played quite a toll on one of the brothers - Im sorry for adding such personal infomation, but its all I have to go on and hopefully someone understands. In the early 1990's when I meet John, my sister Jamie and his wife I think the name is Elizabeth, they were living in Te Atatu and I recall being taken to visit other family members just around the corner - they had twin boys, I think my cousins. My sister Jamie would now be in her mid to late 20's.

Appreciate any help offered, to many years have passed and one day I want my children to know where they came from.

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10 April, 2013 1:56 pm  

Tena koe. There are Rudolps living at Pawarenga and in Kaitaia. I hope that helps. Kia ora. Tom