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01 June, 2016 4:56 pm  

My name is Erica Newman, my mum was adopted as an infant by a Pākehā couple. As an adult mum applied to the Adult Adoption Information Act to gain access to her file and try to find out about her biological parents. What she found was that she had a Pākehā mother, Sarah “Sally” ENGLAND, and that there was a surname recorded as father (identified as Māori) but because it was identifiable, yet not, the name could not be released.

My grandmother, Sarah or Sally, would now be 102 and after contacting the Ministry of Social Development again they have finally released my grandfather’s surname, “THOMPSON”. As you can imagine this is very exciting for all of my family and now we are on the search to see if we can narrow this down so we can find and connect with whanaunga.

This name came with the remainder of mum’s adoption file. Part of this is the story of how my mother came to be. My grandmother worked for Hellaby’s Cannery in Penrose, Auckland, we have reason to believe that my grandfather possibly worked there as well. In early to mid November 1947 they were at a party, actually described in the documents as a “Maori party” and it is at this party my grandmother became pregnant to Thompson. My mother was born in August 1948 and A Mrs Tomlison, who also worked at Hellaby’s, contacted Social Welfare at the time to get some help in the way of placing my mum for adoption.

I know it might seem a little far fetched but if anyone knows anything about any of this or has family who might know of something, or if you would like more information, it would be great if you would please get in touch with me.