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[Solved] Why do some posts have a REMOVED LINK  


Kia ora,

I have done a few posts on here and put links in and they work, but I have just seen another new post that has REMOVED LINK, so just wondering what the rules are 🙂

Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!


As we do not manually approve registrations now,  we had to have a way of monitoring spammers.  To do that we have two things in place;

First 5 posts are moderated before being live
Links can not be added until after 10 posts
Attachements require 100 posts.

However, I will get the @webmaster to lower these to

First 3 posts are moderated before being live
Links can not be added until after 5 posts
Attachements require 50 posts.


Whakapapa Club
Main Maori Genealogy Site on The Net
Your First Stop for Finding Whakapapa

Done.  Maybe drop attachments to 20?

That would be good.



I posted a comment and a few ordinary words were removed and replaced by a comment that the link had been removed, however I did not post any links at removed link   Teething problems I removed link

Aue teething problems indeed!  Did you use any punctuation around the words @maraea-teni  - that is the only thing I can think of that would cause that.  And I see that it has done it again.  Can you remember what you wrote after Teething problems I .... and write it again with a gap between each letter. We need to be able to reproduce the error to sort out why it is doing that.

Mind you, after one more post it will not be saying removed link for you anymore but we do need to know why it is doing that to try to stop it from happening for others who are not posting links.

I appreciate your feedback and time to share this with us 🙂


Mmmm, I think I wrote 'I did not post any links at all'  and the final word was removed link   


The final word has disappeared again,  it was g u e s s - without the removed link   See what happens this removed link


Strange - but kia ora for the reply - we will get onto it and see if we can sort it out.


Sorted - we hope 🙂

Whakapapa Club
Main Maori Genealogy Site on The Net
Your First Stop for Finding Whakapapa


Good news then.  This will be a test of the system then.  I will include the word guess and see what happens.  

I guess that worked 🙂

But for some strange reason the post went into moderation. yet that is set to 3 posts and you are over that limit.

Would you be able to kindly post a reply to this @maraea-teni so @webmaster can see if this goes into moderation again. and look into it?

We really appreciate you helping us troubleshoot our new system ?


I am happy to help, I tautoko what you are doing even though I don't post much.    I have been doing whakapapa for about 25 years and have a reasonable knowledge.  Much of my time is spent helping others, even though I have not finished my own - I have lots of knowledge but hopeless at writing it up......  



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