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DONCASTER/TAYLOR Maori or what?  

Barry OWC
New Member

Greetings to all,

My great great grandparents - John DONCASTER & Isabella TAYLOR were married by the Rev. James Duncan, according to the rites of the Presbyterian church, on 6th Sept. 1852 at a place called " Native Church, Te Awahou ", I believe this place to be Te Awahou and now called the town of Foxton. At the time of the marriage John was 30 yrs of age and Isabella was just 16 yrs .

Their daughter - Sarah Hannah DONCASTER was born 1855 at "Rangataiti" (Rangitikei?). I do not know if they had other children and as yet I have been unable to determine if my ancestors were Maori (with Anglisized names) or of British origin. I would dearly like to solve this mystery as my mother used to say that she thought there was Maori or Polynesian blood in the family somewhere. Other vague reports from family oral history also indicate a Maori origin.

Does anyone have suggestions as to where I could look for information which may help confirm or refute the Maori link, please?.

Vic. Australia.

Posted : 03 September, 2005 1:54 am
stubbornforgey OWC
Active Member

The best people to talk to are the old locals.They know everything or if you can e mail me with more details i could do the research for you and pass on what information i come up with.
I do have a few freinds who were born and bred in Foxton.

Posted : 05 September, 2005 5:35 pm
Barry OWC
New Member

Hi Kataraina,
Thankyou for replying to my message. My email has just been sent to you.


Posted : 10 September, 2005 2:12 am