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Help needed re land and Tapu  

Mirinoa OWC
New Member

A friend of mine has purchased land near Dannevirke and has had visits from a man in a feather cloak and Moko he shows her visions of family being hurt and there has been incidents of her family being hurt. She is trying to find out who the local iwi is and have them help her to find out why this is happening and if she and her family can move onto this property. She is willing to follow this iwis traditions if that will please this Kaumatua as this is how she sees him please please please contact me and I pass on any messages. Thank you.

Posted : 05 September, 2007 12:33 am
matahuru OWC
Eminent Member

Kia ora Mirinoa

Firstly, I am sorry to hear about your friends situation and I am surprised no-one has answered your message yet.

Secondly, Dannevirke is, according to available tribal maps, within the Ngati Kahungunu ki Heretanga rohe, however it could also be part of Rangitane, an iwi that separates Ngati Kahungunu from its lower regions in the Waiarapa.

I would suggest you go to closest maori land court you have or if thats not practical, a simple phone call to them should reveal the hapu of the land that your friend has purchased. If you have the block details, then it may be possible to trace the history of the particular land block to determine who owned the land before colonisation.

If I am correct this land is close to Ratana country where many strange and wonderful things do happen on a daily basis. Maybe the church will also be able to help.

I wish you and your friend success in this venture and would advise you all to strengthen any spiritual beliefs you may have. Before this ordeal is over you may need them.


Posted : 20 September, 2007 10:45 am
maniapoto_jack OWC
Active Member

Tena koe Mirinoa,

Dannevirke commonly reffered to by local Maaori as Tanewaka, a translitiration of the name or traditionally called Taamaki-nui-a-Rua is home to Rangitaane, the main local hapuu being Ngaati Whakaewa-i-te-rangi.

This kaumaatua who visits your friend is coming to her for a reason and its good that you seek information, ignoring this kind of tohu are a bad thing. In Dannevirke their are still a few local kaumaatua that may be able to help you and your mate, theres a wharekura their, Te Wharekura o Taamaki-nui-a-rua, i suggest maybe going there and asking if you can get in contact with any local kaumaatua who know the area. Hope this helps, kiaora ra koorua ko to hoa.

Posted : 27 September, 2007 10:49 pm
Gemini G OWC
Eminent Member

Help needed re land and tapu? I'll say! lol

Posted : 08 January, 2008 12:07 pm
Huia bird
Active Member

careful G

Posted : 18 January, 2008 10:53 am