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HEPERI - NGAPUHI, sub tribe and marae  

brienne91 OWC
Active Member

i'm desperatly looking for my sub-tribe (hapu) and my marae. i don't really know how to look for these things. so it would be a reat help if someone could help me. All i know is that i'm form Ngapuhi and my last name is HEPERI which in some way i think will help me find my marae.

Posted : 27 October, 2006 8:24 pm
adamogilvy OWC
New Member

Kia-ora Brienne
My name is Adam Ogilvy my great great great grand father is Hohepa Heperi we come from a place called Waihou Valley just after a town called Okaihau in the upper reaches of the Hokianga Habour our marae are Piki Te Aroha marae at Rahiri settelment and Mataitaua Marae on the road between Rangiahua and Horeke

Our hapu are Te Popoto ,Ngati Toro, Ngati Hao and Ngati Hau
I dont live up north anymore but try to go back as much as I can as my family still farms some of our original land in the Waihou Valley

Hohepa Heperi was born about 1867-68 and passed away 1964 so he lived for a long time he was still around when my mum was a little girl

Hohepa was held in high regared by all of Nga Puhi for his knowledge in whakapapa(geneology) he was a tohunga and was high up in the mormon church but then again he was just a normal person like you or I.

I have also got a photo of him and a photo of his first wife Raupia Hohaia whom we both decend from ,if you would like a copy I will try to e-mail them to you

Piki te Aroha would be our main Marae as Hohepa Heperi and Raupia Hohaia are both buried there

I also know sum of our whakapapa too if you want a hand with that but I know of someone who maybe of more help than me but he lives in Hamilton nz His name is Waka Heperi he is a cousin of my grandmothers I think he is still alive
His address is 11 Thomson ave Dinsdale Hamilton
Phone (07) 847-4674

I hope I have been of some help to you

Naku Noa Adam

Posted : 29 October, 2006 8:44 pm
brienne91 OWC
Active Member

thanks alot, thats all a great help to me, yeh i knew alot about hohepa heperi. so i guess i'm some how related to you too. cool. soo hapu, do i belong to all of those or just one of them?

Posted : 29 October, 2006 9:27 pm